First Love


A lot of buzz is going on regarding the new McDonald’s commercial which you can see above. The commercial depicts the simple story of two childhood buds. Their moms meet while dining at McDo during the retro era. They share tables and the boy notices that the girl likes the same things that he does–dipping fries in hot fudge sundae, in this case. The girl drags the boy to the PlayPlace (see, I experienced this too!) and it cuts to the present time while two kids who are now grown-ups run to the PlayPlace only to find out that the girl wants to introduce the boy to her husband and kid. They share tables again and the guy does the classic fries-sundae routine and the ad ends with an epic line: “Kahit hindi rin naging kami sa huli…siya pa rin ang first love ko.” (Translation: Even if we did not end up together, she’s still my first love.)

There are different factors that make this commercial effective:

1) It’s McDonald’s. Sure, the “national fastfood chain” might be Jollibee but for most of the Class A, B and C market, McDonald’s is still in one way or another, a part of life. Consider the case of McDonald’s Katipunan. It has become a huge part in the lives of Ateneans and Knollers to the point of my blockmates semi-complaining when it closed for renovation during the past months. A blockmate of mine clearly mentions that because it closed for renovation, Katipunan became an ambiguous place again. If you’re not familiar with it, most Katipunan people, when meeting up for a project, a meeting or a get-together, meet-up at McDo. It’s everybody’s common point. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Alabang, Manila, Marikina or the dorm. Everything becomes more or less “fair” when a group decides to meet up in McDo. Also, because it is open for 24 hours, it has been the savior for hungry dormers, late-night party-goers and drinkers who must not get caught by their parents, and overnight crammers. Well, that’s the story for our McDo but I’m pretty sure that your McDo has a story too just like the McDo branches that we have visited in Rome, Milan, and Athens, which have fed a lot of Filipinos for sure.

2) The music. It’s Huling El Bimbo by the Eraserheads, and it’s probably their most famous song ever. (And, come on, there’s a new hype about the second part of their concert coming this March!) Even my blockmate likes it considering that she’s majorly American and she undoubtedly prefers foreign songs over OPM. The song contributes to the nostalgic feel of the commercial probably because the Eraserheads are a LEGEND in the Philippine music industry and also mainly because of the similarity in the themes of the McDo ad and the lyrics/music video for Huling El Bimbo. Good song choice, really. And I’d like to think that it was the song that inspired the concept of this commercial. Haha.

3) The theme. Love. Wait, it’s actually FIRST LOVE. Who can resist that? It’s our nature as humans to enjoy tackling the said topic. Who hasn’t felt and experienced love after all? I have about 6 to 7 friends who posted something related to the commercial in Multiply. It’s amazing, actually. I guess most of us just see ourselves having the same experience. Some may have had the exact thing happen to them. Some may have found love through dining in McDo. Some may have had the sudden desire to have a relationship upon seeing the ad. Some may have had a crush on the cute guy in the commercial. We all have different reasons why the commercial tugged our hearts but one thing is for sure, we all have a first love. It may be our parents, God, a hobby, a toy we owned back then, or a special someone, but the sensation of being in love for the first time is always the same.


“Kahit hindi rin naging kami sa huli…siya pa rin ang first love ko.”

That line from the McDo commercial really got me thinking. After years that have passed and after the pain that comes with the fact that you didn’t end up with the person, we still acknowledge the fact that we felt love. It’s just so magical how human beings can do that. :) It’s just like this scene in One Tree Hill that I particularly will never forget.

HALEY: [on getting a tattoo of Nathan’s jersey number] Maybe we’re not going to be together for the rest of our lives, but right now I’m in love for the first time and if I look at this tattoo 20 years from now, and it reminds me of how I feel today, I think I’ll be okay with that.

As for me, my first love is definitely blogging or even just writing about things that randomly pop into my head. It’s been a long time since I last blogged seriously about something that mattered to me and something that people would actually care about despite the fact that I have a Multiply, a Blogger, and a Livejournal account. Thus, the birth of this new blog of mine. ‘Cause honestly, right now, I think I’m falling for my first love again. ♥

So, what/who is your first love?


5 thoughts on “First Love

  1. kitchai says:

    idoool. :)
    ayos. hehe uhm. pwedeng copy ko ito? with your url sa wordpress. galing2, the way mo na express ang entry. ganun din gusto ko pgka-express. i love e-heads. wee

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