Just a few hours ago, Rai and I were talking about freshie year and sophie year moments. The conversation was triggered by this photo of us during one random freshie year day when most of the people from the block went to SM Megamall to ice skate.

N2010: SM Megamall Trip

Oh, how I miss the good ol’ days when the only things we did were the following: (1) go home early, (2) have a crush, (3) study and (4) get relatively higher grades. Freshie year was the time when you’d have all the chances in the world to hang out and play cards with your block in the cafeteria. Sophie year, on the other hand, allowed you to plan Katipunan eat-outs with your blockmates almost everyday.

N2010: IntACT Exposure Trip

N2010: Sophie Year Christmas Party @ Liban's

Junior year is when you realize that oh hell no–college isn’t all fun and relaxation. It’s when you stumble upon difficult major subjects and mild org responsibilities. It’s when you realize that you can’t have the same schedule with your block, thus you have less eat-outs.

N2010: Post-Azeus Job Exam

Senior year is when you die a figurative death. You have a sucky social life and your family is on the verge of disowning you. You have MAJOR org responsibilities, a very weird class schedule, hard as hell core and major subjects, and the life-threatening thesis.

N2010: Being Part of the CompSAt EB

I only have one semester left in my ENTIRE college life. Time flies by so fast! I could ramble on about how I regret not doing some things when I had the chance to but it will take me hundreds of words and a brave heart to do that so I will do something else instead. Senior year first sem was too odd to allow me to take a look at the bigger picture. It’s only now, when it’s 2 days before the last “first day of classes” that I will have, that I have realized that there are other things that matter and that make this experience worth remembering. It’s not just your org, or your academics, or your love life, or your friendships–it’s the combination of everything that makes college life worth loving and living for. Thus, I share my favorite Fr. Arrupe S.J. quote:

What you are in love with, what seizes your imagination will affect everything. It will decide what will get you out of bed in the mornings, what you will do with your evenings, how you spend your weekends, what you read, who you know, what breaks your heart, and what amazes you with joy and gratitude. Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything.

College, for me, is a matter of figuring out what you love, falling in love with it throughout the four years, and hoping that you’ll still stay in love with the same thing even after you graduate. Honestly, this is something that I have forgotten over the past few months. I think I have fallen out of love or I was blinded by what I thought I should be in love with. I know that most of you feel the same way, too. Senior year, after all, is the ultimate test as it is the time when we have the future to think about and the past to haunt us. To get back on track, I think what we should all do is just to REMEMBER AND RETURN TO OUR FIRST LOVE. Find a way back and the rest will fall into their proper places.


With my last semester in mind, I have crafted my list of the 25 things that I should do before March 2010 ends. Feel free to craft yours and share it with me here. :)

  1. Leave a letter in some book in the library that I wish to be able to still see after a year or two.
  2. Graduate magna cum laude or, fine, cum laude. (Note: I have to get a 4.0 QPI to graduate magna cum laude.)
  3. Play a sport or a “sport” that I haven’t played yet.
  4. Donate blood–be it in school or in church.
  5. Watch a last full show movie at Eastwood! :)
  6. Spend an entire night awake NOT doing anything related to school.
  7. Take a photo with all the professors I have had who are still in Ateneo.
  8. Take a photo in all of the classrooms I have had classes in.
  9. Eat in all of the main food establishments in Katipunan!
  10. Stay in Ateneo ‘til curfew starts…just because.
  11. Hug Father Dacanay OR Sir Strebel. <3
  12. Lie on the grass at the Bellarmine Field (or any Ateneo field) one random night.
  13. Do something awesome with the block at least once a month.
  14. Meet 20 new people!
  15. Be the best CompSAt president I could possibly be! :) (And getting the Most Improved Org award will be a bonus!)
  16. Keep a daily journal.
  17. Stop having an evil mouth! Hahaha! No to cursing!
  18. Do something with English block friends even just once! :)
  19. Apply for the Blue Roast core!
  20. Bake a cake and feed block/org people what I baked.
  21. Finally duet with someone (Jam/Yanyan/Matt maybe) to sing “No Air” and post it on Youtube.
  22. Be a demi-vegetarian for 3 weeks. (Even though that means no Chinky Chickens for 3 weeks.)
  23. Get someone/some people to give me 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts just because. :)
  24. Fall in love and not regret it.
  25. Have a more intimate relationship with God. <3

3 thoughts on “Senioritis

  1. Ding says:

    2) aww… Go for magna! kaya mo yan :D (no pressure.. well from me OwO ) hahaha baka eto na ang quatro sem mo :D

    12) under the stars! :D

    13) sana payagan ako D: I will hypnotize parents :P hahaha

    20) yey food! :D hahaha

    21) nabasa ko “No Sir” deds, sabaw. “No Air” pala OwO

    23) pano kung Cello’s?

    25) <3

    Senioritis :((

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