9 Reasons Why I Like 2009

Inspired by the posts of Jacob and Ray, I have decided to make my own list of reasons to love the year that has just swiftly gone by.

9. Ondoy and A(H1N1)

It’s not that I enjoy misery and suffering but the two biggest “tragedies” of this year have taught everyone a lot about discipline, unity and compassion. Nothing will beat having randomly missing professors and classmates due to quarantine. I remember even panicking when I found out that the guy seated next to my seatmate had the sickness. And, of course, nothing will beat being part of Ateneo Task Force: Ondoy. It was a fun experience to help out with friends and members of the community. I remember the water bottle assembly line which made me macho and the celebratory applause each time a group finishes a task. Add to these the fact that everyone had the shortest and the most interesting semester ever. (Of course, we do not count the good ol’ Marcos-Cory days.) Irregular first month of classes. No finals. It was raining with dean’s list opportunities and you wouldn’t even want to hold up an umbrella.

8. Return from JTA

Do not get me wrong. 2008 was a blast for me, despite my random rants about it. Traveling in 11 marvelous countries and 50++ spectacular cities in Europe is amazing but nothing beats going home. My return from my JTA gave me a new way of seeing my beloved motherland. I appreciated the hot and humid weather more. I appreciated the lung-infesting pollution more. I appreciated the snail-like movement of cars during a traffic jam more. I appreciated the hospitality and warmth of Filipinos more. And, of course, I appreciated food in the Philippines even more. When you go to a third-world country like ours after being in a first-world nation, you’ll feel nothing but a mix of pity and hope. I’ve never felt so hopeful for our country until 2009 began. Yes, I believe that someday, all of our electric lines will be underground and we’d have public transportation that’s as kick-tush as France’s.

7. Good profs and classes

I generally feel good about my profs and classes for my second JTA semester and my first semester in senior year. Let’s see who I got:

JTA Sem 2:

  • CS124: John Paul Vergara – Cool course and cool prof = WIN.
  • CS162a: Andrei Coronel – Sir Kernel has always been my dream prof. I mean, I’ve always wanted to have a class under him due to the awesome stories that I’ve heard and he truly lives up to the expectations.
  • CS162b: David Diy – Any class with DVD is a fun class. :)
  • PH102: Wilhelm PJ Strebel – THIS PROF CHANGED MY LIFE. Most intelligent person I’ve seen in Ateneo.
  • TH131: Adolfo Dacanay, S.J. – This prof isn’t called “The Legend” for no reason. Haha! Add to that the fact that this class is basically about love & sex.

4th year, 1st semester:

  • CS112: Jeffrey Jongko – It was generally an interesting class and I always enjoy having Sir Jongko due to the laid-back nature he brings.
  • CS130: Yimin Gao (Sorry, but I didn’t really enjoy this class.)
  • EC102: Walfredo Belen – Interesting class! I actually was able to apply my learning in real life. Sir Wally is also very hilarious!
  • POS100: Millard Lim – BEST CLASS EVER. I love PolSci! Millard Lim is one helluva prof. SUPER AWESOME.
  • TH151: Arnella Clamor – Contrary to common belief, I liked the class. I didn’t like my grade but the class was okay. :) I guess I just liked the final project so much. Emotional attachment.
  • PH103: Rowie Azada-Palacios – Hello AJSS Philo prof! We meet again! Ma’am Rowie is as nice as always and this class really made me think about life.

6. Internship @ Chikka Asia, Inc.

I’d like to think that I’ve “matured” in the past few months and I attribute this to my experience in Chikka. Despite the company’s very collegiate and casual nature, I used to go to work in semi-decent attire and sometimes wore heels since I had very bulky rubber shoes and I didn’t want to wear slippers. I had a very fun experience in the world “out there” and it became even more memorable due to the people I worked with. I was on an Atenean-filled team composed of Boss Pearlie (I love her honest-to-goodness approach!), Boss JV (I love how he lets us experience things. I learned a lot from him!), Boss RJ (Favorite boss ever! He’s the one I was able to run to for problems and issues!), Kuya Bawang (I love the joy that he brings to the office!), Kuya Eric (I love eating lunch in the office because I get to hear him sing!), Nonoy (I love how lost we both are at times! Haha!), Mina (She became a “buddy” during my stay since Achi left), and Ate Honey (My partner in crime, sleeping and crushing!). Chikka is an ideal place if you have a Meklot personality! You can eat anytime, play music, and you probably shouldn’t but technically you can watch American Idol live streams. There’s random free food everytime! There are fun fun General Assemblies! It’s an experience of laughter and learning!

5. American Idol :)

This year, I fell in love…with Kris Allen. This may be odd for some but I found the ~ideal person that I’ve always wanted to find in Kris. Unlike my David Cook and Michael Johns fandom which faded slowly after a few months, my admiration for KA is seemingly undying. I attribute it to the following reasons:

  • He is MARRIED. Everybody knows that married men = Meklot’s weakness.
  • He has very strong faith and is very spiritual. He leads worship for New Life. C’mon.
  • He looks good. Mm-hmm. Kris is totally Meklot-type. I like how wacky he can get but he still looks awesome anyway.
  • His style = EPIC. I love the plaid look on him. I love how he dresses up, generally. Plain white tee + jeans + Chucks + shades = death of me.
  • He’s a kind guy. Why are we even questioning this?

4. The return of my guy friends!

Some people don’t get why I am terribly attached to these people–and this includes these people themselves. They just laugh at me whenever I go aww-faced after realizing that I am existing in the same place as the two of them. We were able to eat at McDonald’s one time (with Jeff) and I was quiet the whole time. They thought I was feeling out of place but it was actually because I was filled with too much joy and I couldn’t believe that it was happening. The world seems to be on my side this time as even in our block exchange gift, we were clustered. Thanks for pointing it out! Haha! To you two, I don’t even care if you laugh at me again. :P It’s not just a “I want to get the block together” thing this time. I really missed having these two around and while some people don’t get it, I know that some people who understand the sense of security that these two bring do. If back in high school I had a Kuya Casey and Kuya Emong tandem, college has a Matt and John! :D

3. Awesome relationships with other people!

I can definitely say that I have had more awesome relationships with people in 2009. Be it in school, for the org, at home or wherever else. Meklot social life is doing a good job.

  • Family: We’ve been having lesser quarrels and I attribute this to everyone maturing. It’s hard to have 3 younger sisters who have varying personalities. There’s one who’s emo/boy-crazy, one who’s a bully and one who’s a primadonna. I have learned, however, that seeing them based on these negative traits wouldn’t do anyone good. Thus, I have learned how to see the good side to each of them. Monik is very caring and helpful in the family. Demdem gives everyone a comic relief! Potpot is very cute and malambing. I love my sisters! (And of course, I love mudra as well. Let’s just not get into that ’cause it’s gonna be dramatic. :P)
  • Org-mates: I love my EB-AC so much. I rant about them at times but all in all, they are a bunch of AMAZING people. I know that they love what they’re doing but I guess CS people are really just not that expressive about their emotions. Haha! I enjoy all of our random eat-outs. Gaaahd, I’ll miss my EB-AC family! :( I love my members as well! :) They’re very supportive and participative this year! I love seeing non-CS people who are very much involved (e.g. Jeremy, Raina, Pem, Jay)! Whenever I see CompSAt people, a part of my heart melts. The 163 of you have been my boyfriends for the past year. Thank you!
  • Block: Let me just start this off by saying that I love the research lab. I thank the RLab for bringing us all together for our final year. :) I can go on and on about you guys but basically, I am just glad that we still have each other. You are the ones who make me go on in this tough endeavor called college.
  • Kuya Rodz: Contrary to common belief, I do NOT like-like Kuya Rodz. I just really appreciate how much he’s been of help to me in the organization and even in my messed up personal life. Great minds think alike, definitely. Haha! :D
  • STC: I love this crazy bunch of people. Who wouldn’t love to be with people who understand what you’re going through? Haha! ;)

2. CompSAt Love <3

I can write 10,000 words about how happy I am with CompSAt’s progress this school year but nah, I won’t do that. I’m just very very very fulfilled that the org is doing well this school year. I cannot explain the joy that I feel whenever someone tells me that we’re being visible already or whenever someone asks me about a web development service or technical support. It has been our desire to really go about with our mission of learning, using and sharing I.T. and I can say that so far, I like what I’m seeing. :D As Rai and I have said, “THIS IS I.T.!”

1. More mature me!

I won’t make this point long. I just am glad to say that Meklot has grown up. :) Less drama, more responsibilities. I love it.


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