I am utmostly thankful to people for giving me useful gifts this Christmas.

THANK YOU. :) I’d like to think that I’ve grown up already. 2 Christmas-es ago, I wanted to receive random stuff and people indeed gave me random stuff. This year, however, I got grown-up stuff! I love it!

I’d go and thank everyone for every little thing but allow me to just share about what my family got me this Christmas:

  • A bunch of Post-its from mother. I seriously did not expect that my mother would get me Post-its. It only occurred to me after opening the package that I told her one time that “I want Post-its. People should just give me Post-its and I’ll be happy.” Thanks, mother, for supporting your child’s obsessive-compulsive disorder!
  • Eyeliner from Monik. Oh, hello eyeliner stealer! Hahaha! Apparently, Monik was the one who got my eyeliner so this Christmas, she got me a new one. :)
  • Lip gloss from Demdem. What on earth. I do not understand why my sisters are getting me make-up. :D This is the most hilarious thing ever–especially since Demdem was the one who got me this.
  • Belt from Potpot. And no, it’s not a normal belt-belt. It’s a thin, girl belt. Hahahaha! So cute! She put it inside my wallet box before wrapping it. Quoting her, “Ate, nakakatawa ‘yan!”

I wasn’t able to get my family gifts yet. I was supposed to when Crab and I were “shopping” but I forgot. Mucho fail. I actually wasn’t able to get anyone almost. Well, it has really been my plan to get people gifts by New Year to serve as my act of selflessness on my birthday. We’ll see how the ball’s gonna roll.

Nonetheless, thanks again everyone. :) Let’s not forget the best give that we have received–that is, Jesus Christ.


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