A Choice in the Matter

I was and still am amused with the site “A Choice in the Matter”. It basically enumerates things that this person wants in a lover (thanks to suggestions from the readers, as well). Why is this person doing it?

I figure I can describe it since I have a choice in the matter.

So, here I am to enumerate some things that I don’t necessarily require for me to like a certain boy but would be awesome pluses if I happen to be able to find them in the said person:

Note: Some of these were written way way back pa. And most were taken from the site. :)

  1. Someone who will stay up extremely late with me when I am working and need another person to keep me sane.
  2. Someone to be my personal alarm clock.
  3. Someone who will listen to my favorite bands without complaining.
  4. Someone who is a part-time lover and a full-time friend.
  5. Someone who cares to listen to my pointless stories.
  6. Someone who will wrestle with me.
  7. Someone who will lay in bed with me and laugh about our old celebrity crushes.
  8. Someone who tells me to lay off the alcohol because they care.
  9. Someone who will take interest in what I have to blog.
  10. Someone who asks how my day was, and genuinely wants to know the answer, no matter how long my answer may be.
  11. Someone who doesn’t mind if I am dressed up, or in sweats, but they are just happy to be with me.
  12. Someone who will talk to me until two in the morning about secrets they’ve never told anybody else.
  13. Someone who can make me an awesome mix CD, without ever having to ask about my favorite songs.
  14. Someone who finds all my pop culture knowledge endearing.
  15. Someone who says what I need to hear the most.
  16. Someone who’s the opposite of me but fits me perfectly anyway.
  17. Someone who will ‘accidentally’ run into me, just so they can give me a hug.
  18. Someone who gets that I’m not always going to be happy go lucky.
  19. Someone who won’t tease me for being such a boy for a change.
  20. Someone who won’t mind my indecisiveness about the littlest things.

Go and share your list! :)


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