The Meklot Way

How does a Melody Kay Carolino treat her Executive Board and Associates Council?

1) With gratitude. I think the best way to get the officers going is to learn how to appreciate them. I initially started this “Mabati ang Mabuti” campaign where I posted thank-you’s to the EB Yahoo! Group for everyone to see. I eventually resorted to personally appreciating the officers each time they had a job well done and at the same time, some words of encouragement when something has gone iffy in their plans. The officers don’t get paid for what they do—they do it out of love and passion for the organization. They at least deserve a thank you.

2) With trust. This was something that I initially had a hard time doing with regards to the CompSAt EB and AC. It was tough at first to leave the fate of the organization and its activities in their hands completely but somehow, one has to learn to let go and trust that these people can. When you do start trusting them, you help them realize their full potential and may end up surprised with all the good fruits that they can bring. I was at first too hands-on with all of the activities as I was worried whether my officers would get it right or not. Eventually, however, as I loosened my grip on them, they were able to shine on their own.

3) With care. Being the president is like being a parent with 19 kids and 100++ grandchildren. I have found out that people perform well when you show that you sincerely care—not merely on how the project is or how much money you were able to rake in but more so, how they are as people and as leaders. During the first semester, I constantly held individual consultations with my officers to see how they are doing with their personal life and how they are coping with being student leaders. It’s nice to become involved in their lives beyond what the job description dictates.

4) With openness. Part of being the leader is also being open to constructive criticism. This was something that I learned right at the start of my term as I was initially very hard to “correct”. During the ICs with the officers, I asked them to comment on my performance as their president as well. If there were little things that they wish I could change or attend to, I tried my best to oblige. Learning, after all, is not just one-way especially with this kind of situation.

5) With friendship. The most phenomenal thing that we were able to do this year is probably to develop a sort of barkada in our Executive Board and Associates Council. We are a very diverse bunch as we come from various year levels and we even have a VP who is a Management Engineering major. The key to this success is to approach your officers with friendship. Sure, when it’s time for work, then we have to be all professional but relationships go beyond the EB meetings and the project implementations. When you have developed a personal bond with the officers, then the rest follows.


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