Things to do this Summer

Because I will soon be a bum, here is my list of some things to do this summer to make me lose the weight and gain the wisdom. HAHAHA.

  1. Learn a language. I have decided to fully devote myself to learning French.
  2. Join a dance workshop. I might enlist at Moro Lorenzo for their hiphop class.
  3. Join a sports clinic. I might join the Ateneo Football Center.
  4. Start up a small business.
  5. Learn how to bake. I will spend all of my lull times at Tita Millet’s home to utilizer her oven, instead of being in front of this laptop.
  6. Be a better guitarist. I have to brush up on my guitar skills more.
  7. Take on a huge project. I will be the Production Manager for our church’s big-time concert: The Witness.
  8. Read 10 books. And no, I will not read classic stuff and chic lit. I plan to read inspirational books and more nerdy things like those mentioned here.
  9. Learn a course through the UC-Berkeley webcast. Not just because I am not pursuing my Master’s degree does it mean that I have lost my Berkeley *insert a lot of hearts here* dreams.
  10. Travel. I hope that we do get to go the States in May. I want to see Kris Allen. *bitter*

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