Senior Bucket List Update 3

It’s never too late!! :)

I did not accomplish all of the things in my list but I’ll try to do them this summer. ;)

  1. Leave a letter in some book in the library that I wish to be able to still see after a year or two. – I will accomplish this by the end of the semester for the more nostalgic/emo feel.
  2. Graduate magna cum laude or, fine, cum laude. (Note: I have to get a 4.0 QPI to graduate magna cum laude.)
  3. Play a sport or a “sport” that I haven’t played yet.
  4. Donate blood–be it in school or in church.
  5. Watch a last full show movie at Eastwood! :)
  6. Spend an entire night awake NOT doing anything related to school.
  7. Take a photo with all the professors I have had who are still in Ateneo.
  8. Take a photo in all of the classrooms I have had classes in.
  9. Eat in all of the main food establishments in Katipunan! – Only Teriyaki Boy is left in my list!
  10. Stay in Ateneo ‘til curfew starts…just because.
  11. Hug Father Dacanay OR Sir Strebel. <3
  12. Lie on the grass at the Bellarmine Field (or any Ateneo field) one random night.
  13. Do something awesome with the block at least once a month. – Ate at Flaming Wings with people one random night for November! :) Good job!
  14. Meet 20 new people! – Jeremy, dude from MIS, 8 people from Blue Roast Core, yessss! I can do thiiiis!
  15. Be the best CompSAt president I could possibly be! :) (And getting the Most Improved Org award will be a bonus!)
  16. Keep a daily journal. – I will start doing this tomorrow. I was just too busy. I’ll also try to post-write for the past few weeks.
  17. Stop having an evil mouth! Hahaha! No to cursing!
  18. Do something with English block friends even just once! :)
  19. Apply for the Blue Roast core!
  20. Bake a cake and feed block/org people what I baked.
  21. Finally duet with someone (Jam/Yanyan/Matt maybe) to sing “No Air” and post it on Youtube.
  22. Be a demi-vegetarian for 3 weeks. (Even though that means less Chinky Chickens for 3 weeks.)
  23. Get someone/some people to give me 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts just because. :)
  24. Fall in love and not regret it.
  25. Have a more intimate relationship with God. <3


Story behind 9) Eat in all of the main food establishments in Katipunan:

Just when I thought that all hope was lost when we weren’t able to eat at T-Boy for our block lunch as there were too many people (we had to settle for Chili Willy’s and America’s Next Top Model :P), my mother brought us to T-Boy Katipunan for our post-graduation dinner. Last night ended in a pretty awesome note.

Story behind 10) Stay in Ateneo ‘til curfew starts…just because:

It wasn’t really “just because” but whatever. I’d like to thank Rodz and Jam, my favorite guy friends (along with the rest of F4, of course), who helped out the BRCerz with the post-Blue Roast clean-up. It wasn’t until Rodz and I were walking to the Ops Room that I realized that it was already 3 AM. Thanks Rodz for semi-celebrating with me with yeeyyyysss! :D

Story behind 11) Hug Father Dacanay OR Sir Strebel:

A HALF-HUG WITH FATHER D COUNTS! And hahahaha he still remembers me as Ms. Beadle. Love it.

Story behind 17) Stop having an evil mouth! Hahaha! No to cursing:

Attempting to be kind now. :)

Story behind 18) Do something with English block friends even just once:

At last! I was able to have a wonderful kwentuhan day with my English babes, Trish and Dana (a.k.a. Triangle of Trust), before the school year ended. We had lunch at Sweet Inspirations and Dana and I walked to Petron Katipunan afterwards to have Frutti Froyo. It was a lovely day. Thank you for bringing back memories and for always being there. <3

Story behind 25) Have a more intimate relationship with God:

On the works. It was during our graduation that I realized how blessed I am. Thanks, lover, friend, savior, healer, counselor, hero, and Lord. <3


3 thoughts on “Senior Bucket List Update 3

  1. Hannah says:

    Meki! I know we haven’t spent a lot of time together, but I’m so happy to have met you… Ding’s (and my) super hyper and smart friend! Good luck in life and love! :) I love your bucket list, mehn! :D

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