Life After College

Summer, and I am here to win you over. You will be mine this year.

So, as you all probably know, I spent April and May being a professional bum. Thank you for living through 2 months of Meklot bugging you all the time on YM (Hahaha Dugs!) or inviting you for a catch-up session. Well, Summer 2010 will definitely be a favorite and would probably be tough to beat. Though I wasn’t really able to have a looong “vacation” in some far-flung place, those (81) days of Summer were to remember.

  • We held the most awesome TrEvSem ever @ Mimosa with the incoming CompSAt kids. Good food. Good company. Awesome car ride thanks to the people inside Rodrick’s car. Seniors + Migs + Aly = among my favorite people in the world. Some time during the summer, I also invited my awesome CompSAt EBAC 0910 for a dinner out at Shakey’s and for sure, that was the most laughter-filled day of my life. And just last month, we had Red Kimono dinner at Technohub. Thank God I have equally-matakaw friends.
  • I was able to go to the beach only ONCE but with my lovely lovely cliquish STC friends Troy, Mei, Nic, Zel and Mina (COA Sec-Gen 09-10). We got stuck in traffic thanks to the elections fever for 7 hours or so when we were just actually going to Batangas. Haha! The car ride was epic thanks to the heat + good music + random food + funny friends. Laiya was awesome and I promise to go back there some time soon with my block.
  • I was able to get out of our hot and humid country even just for 3 days ’cause FINALLY (after 4 years of having to be left here ’cause of summer classes or OJT), I was able to join the annual clan summer outing. We went to Hong Kong almost complete (Lian, Tito Ray, Andoy, Mots and Flip weren’t around) and it sure was fun! Victoria Peak + Disneyland + Ocean Park = good times. I have the best family ever.
  • I used my free time to catch up with everyone I can catch up with. I went back to my high school and chanced upon HS friends. It was a chance to rekindle old friendships and it really helped me a lot ’cause I was able to reconnect with the Meklot that partially disappeared thanks to college. I went to Meiday! with my HS guy friends and their girls. Ben passed by my house (I missed that!) and commuted with him to Cubao X to meet up Finney, RJ, Carlo, and their LB friends for the intimate gig with Ciudad and Ang Bandang Shirley among others. I’ve always been a fan of indie/alternative OPM and I seemed to have forgotten that ’cause of my random colonial interest that overruled throughout college. Being there with just a bunch of people and bobbing my head to music that seemed to make perfect sense of my life was something I really missed–and to that the fact that I got home at about 2 in the morning. Other than that, I also attended Kuya Casey’s graduation dinner and got to taste food prepared by the boys! Haha! I missed the NBA talks, random stories and the asaran.
  • I was FINALLY able to go out with my childhood best friend, Babeng! Met up with her at Eastwood, ate at Fazoli’s and had SUBSTANTIAL story-sharing, and watched Sex and the City 2. John teased me about how odd it was to see me with a girl friend and I would have to agree. The only time I hang out with girls is when I’m with the block or with the CompSAt people. Almost all of my closest friends are guys so it was really a wonderful opportunity to channel out my x chromosomes. I also got to introduce them to each other and that was pretty cool.
  • One random Sunday, my childhood friends and I also decided to randomly go out. (Yes, they’re all boys na naman. You know na the pattern.) Went to SM Marikina with Peng, Samboy, and Coy for dinner + coffee. I had so much fun due to the kulitan and randomness. These boys are really among the most naturally hilarious people in the world. Next time, we should go do that bungee thing!
  • Got to read some e-books over the summer as well! I’m a nerd + a drama queen so I totally fell in love with The Accidental Billionaires. Finally got to read 2 out of the 4 Gladwell books and liked them both! Aaaand, felt like I’m a kid again upon finishing The Perks of Being a Wallflower. :)
  • Housewife training. Seriously. No need to expound on that. Haha!
  • I actually shouldn’t be writing about this but whatever. Even before school ended, we both knew that it would be different this time. I’d be at home or out somewhere and he’d be in school for summer class. It may not seem that difficult but add to that the fact that we live in opposite poles. South boy + North girl = yey to traffic and gas (which I do not experience suffering from, thank God). And also the fact that he’s a nerd so he really studies for exams. Hahaha. Good job to us though for being awesome throughout the summer with random dinners, maintaining my Plurk account when I was away, talking through YM/phone/text and cute surprises.  I also got him to go to church with me one random Sunday night. Hahaha! So, thanks for the awesome summer, you.

These big city dreams are what you’re about.

So, I’ve been working for this IT company since June 16 and though I had a rough start, things are starting to look good. I’m with a very fun bunch of people and it is true that I’d do any kind of work if you just surround me with good workmates. I’m a little confused about what I want to do with my life though, since recently, I’ve been having the urge to go back to school. Yes, I miss studying. And yes, I’m considering getting a job as an instructor in Ateneo if I do pursue the Master’s degree in Psych that I’ve been wanting to have ever since I realized that I should have shifted to that course back in 2nd year. I haven’t been doing much yet since I was benched for two weeks and just recently joined my team but this week, I think it’ll be the start of real work for me.

I’ve been meeting up with friends in the past few weeks that I’ve started working. The block boys have been a constant, as well as Miggy, Kara and Rai (aka Team Taguig).

  • Eastwood has been our home (our = John, Jam and I) for the past random get-togethers thanks to awesome food, location (John from Ateneo, Meklot from McKinley, Jam from Technohub), and Jam’s awesome condo.
  • Gateway with the boys for Max’s and Toy Story 3 pushed through and it was darn awesome. :)
  • Lately, I’ve been having random brunches at Katipunan and it really is refreshing to see that there is effort on both sides to still get to see each other. Random McKinley visits are always welcome too. :) We’ve always been worried about what will happen when I start with my EMEA shift and he gets drowned with school and org work. So far though, I can say that we’re doing a great job. Though it’s more difficult to have random eat-outs and car rides, each time there is a chance, it still is TOTALLY worth it. :)

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