Birthday/Christmas Wish List Update #1

It’s time for a wish list update!

  1. Poker set – Not necessarily the expensive one. I saw a set at National Bookstoreand it seems pretty nice for the price. 200 9 gram chips, 2 decks, buttons and mat included. :)
  2. Denim shorts – I’m not really brand-conscious but I can’t find a good photo of the styles that I want anywhere except from the Forever21 site. I hope to get something like this or this or this or this. Thanks self!
  3. Starbucks 2011 planner – I vowed NEVER to get a coffeehouse planner again since Christmas 2007 but my manager gave me a sticker sheet with 2 stickers in it and there’s just this urge to complete the rest of the 15 stickers that I need. Well, I don’t buy coffeehouse coffee anymore so I would appreciate it if people can donate their stickers to me or get me a planner.  Thanks to all the people who bought coffee for me!
  4. Dong-A Hexaplus Pens – Thanks to Matt for giving me 3 pens last Christmas. I have fallen in love with these pens ’cause they are of awesome quality for a price relatively cheaper than Staedler’s. I hope to get 7 ballpoint (10 pesos each) and 7 fineliner pens this Christmas! :) UPDATE: Since I saw that someone stumbled upon this blog post while searching where to order these pens, I believe these are available at any National Bookstore.
  5. Headphones – This time, I don’t care so much about the brand. I just need quality headphones that will last a lifetime (or fine, a long long time). I have realized how impractical it is to buy Skullcandies for the cuteness factor. Hahaha!Naks! Maturing!
  6. Long Necklaces – I never got the chance to buy those long bronzy necklaces they sell in bazaars so I hope to get some this Christmas! I believe they cost 100-150 pesos each. Thanks John!
  7. Digital Camera – And no, I don’t want anything expensive. I just need something to capture life moments and to blog more effectively. To anyone who’d make this wish come true, I will owe my future blogging career to you. This will do! 12 mp for 3,700 pesos is good enough for me. Thanks self!
  8. Acoustic Guitar – I might get this one for myself but as of the moment, I only have a budget of 1,000 pesos and that sucks. :(  Thanks self and mother!
  9. A serving of Zong’s Chicken in Salted Egg Yolk – I am seriously craving for this wonderful dish. Only 228 pesos! :) Thanks self and Miggy I!
  10. The Face Shop Nail Polish – I like pink/red-toned nail polish :) Only 90 pesos each bottle! Thanks Ding!

As you can see, there are still lots on the list that you can give ;) Hohoho! Merry Christmas!


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