New Year’s Resolution

2010 has been REALLY good to me. It has been filled with a lot of firsts and wishes granted. That said, I am beyond stoked to welcome 2011.

I love the New Year. Other than being my birthday, January 1 always gives me an illusion of a fresh start and a clean slate.

In line with that, let me list down a few things I plan to work on come January. Yes, this is for everyone to hold me accountable and for me not to forget.


  1. Tame the bulge. Time to skip rice and increase water intake! I’ve done this a million times before and I’m bringing it back because no new year’s resolution list is complete without it I need to lose the Christmas weight.
  2. Let’s get physical! I realized that it’s time to perspire again when I found myself panting after climbing a short flight of stairs. I will walk at least twice a week and will take the stairs to and from the office. It’s only in the 2nd floor! Haha!
  3. So long, sucky slumber. I will do my best to hit the sack before 12 midnight when there’s nothing important to do anymore, and before 2 am when I’m drowned with work.


  1. Get baptized and become a church member. Finally. DONE
  2. Be involved in a ministry. I’m still praying about what God wants me to do. ONGOING
  3. Daily Devotion! :) I finally will be able to start on my ODB on time. If anyone wants a copy of Our Daily Bread, I still have two one! Just leave me a note!


  1. Find a scholarship abroad for my Master’s. I don’t expect to get in already but I sure hope that I could find lots of good resources throughout the year.
  2. Start a small business. It’s time to leverage on my interests and networks and get something started!


  1. Read a book everyday. No, I don’t plan to finish an entire book each day. The plan is to be able to read myself to sleep every night.
  2. Buy a guitar and re-learn how to play. I was very much affected by How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 3. Time to do something that’s unfinished.
  3. Take driving lessons! Time to learn! (Add to this: Save money for driving lessons.)
  4. Learn French. I believe that it’s time to learn something other than je ne comprends pas if I want to go back to France.
  5. Take dance lessons or join a dance group. I’m planning to join Groove but if that doesn’t materialize, I’ll be looking for some dance place or crew in the community.

More will be added to this list before the year ends but as for now, these are what I have come up with. As I bid goodbye to my teenage years, I do hope to give my life some direction care of my new year’s resolution. :)

I love the wisdom that comes with old age. Cheers to soon being twenty and cheers to welcoming a new year!

Turning twenty :)


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