Posh Nails: Hand and Foot Spa Review

I’m not really the kind of girl who’d regularly visit a hand and foot spa place. I usually resort to cutting and polishing my nails on my own or having my mom call in someone we know for home service. However, my experience with Posh Nails today will probably change that.

I unfortunately “grew” an ingrown on my right big toe a few days ago. When it bled about three days ago, I decided to research on it and boy, did I get scared. I immediately demanded that I get a pedicure for the ingrown to be removed before it gets even more complicated. Afraid that untrained manicurists might only worsen the condition of my painful toe, I decided to finally go to a nail and foot spa place.

My sisters and I headed to SM Marikina early in the morning as we were supposed to watch Rosario and for my pedicure. I didn’t really know much about Posh Nails (except for the Cristine Reyes promotional materials that I see) but it was obvious enough that it’s a nail place so I decided to give it a go.

Posh Nails Signage inside the shop
Inside Posh Nails

For an ungirly girl like me, Posh Nails still sure was very pretty and relaxing! It was filled with pink and purple pillows thrown over white couches. The sight instantly got me excited! It was as if I was going to get home service, only better ’cause I get to “live” in a very posh and pretty home.


Queen's Throne

Lovely Seat!

The pictures above show where you’ll get your desired service. You get to plop down on the big white couch and prop up your feet on the pink chair. Some of the ladies who were also getting their nails done even fell asleep! It was THAT comfy! :)


Posters on the Wall

The lighting, the wall color, and even the posters on the wall of Rica Peralejo and Cristine Reyes all added to the ambiance of beauty and sophistication inside Posh Nails.

Side Table

There’s a table beside the couch so you can get your coffee fix while relaxing and getting pampered. (That is my favorite cup of Chai Tea Latte. <3) Magazines are also available to keep you entertained while availing of your nail service.


I availed of the Posh Spoiling for my feet (story above regarding my ingrown). It included nail grooming, nail polish, scrub and spa. To start off the “treatment”, my feet were dipped in warm water. After a while, they were dipped in the foot bath and scrubbed. I refuse to share what my feet look like (que horror!) but I found the leg and foot massage to be very much relaxing. I’m still not used to wearing heels all the time which probably put a lot of tension onto my calves. The massage helped reduce the heavy and swollen sensation in my legs and feet! The foot scrub could be improved on, though, as some callouses were left on my feet despite some being softened.



The moment of truth came after as I asked my toenails to be cut and my ingrown to be removed. From my experience with past manicurists, my toenails and toes usually end up tortured but my nail technician seemed to be knowledgeable and very experienced in grooming my toenails. I didn’t feel any pain except for slight understandable and expected pain when my ingrown was took out. The joy after having it removed was inexplicable as it was done very quickly and lightly–by light, I mean that the hands touching my feet were very delicate and careful. (I even made a celebratory Facebook status post to announce my ingrown removal). I was made to pick a nail polish color after that and then my toenails were painted. From my observation, there were 2 coats of polish and a top coat.


The Magic Posh Kit! (Named by me)

When the whole spoiling was done, I was a happy customer! :) It cost me 460Php ($10-12) for the entire package. It took about 45 minutes for everything to get done. The price is a little amount above the average but that extra payment goes to the fantastic ambiance that I have not experienced in previous salons or spas.

Below is the list of services that they have and the corresponding price:


  1. Posh Grooming (mani/pedi) – Hands: Php150, Feet: Php215
  2. Posh Spoiling (w/ spa and scrub) – Hands: Php240, Feet: Php460
  3. Basic Refresh (w/ spa, scrub and mask) – Hands: Php400, Feet: Php600
  4. Coffee or Tea Scrub – Hands: Php675, Feet: Php657
  5. Dry Foot Pedicure – Php750
  6. Fetish (hands and feet) – Php1,350
  7. Nail Extension (full tip) – Php900
  8. Nail Extension (crystal tip) – Php1,200
  9. Nail Art (freehand, stamp, sticker) – Php25/nail


  1. Hands – Php350
  2. Feet – Php450
  3. Elbows – Php200
  4. Back – Php900


  1. Eyelash Extension – Php1,200
  2. Retouch/Removal – Php500


  1. Arms – Half: Php600, Full: Php1,100
  2. Legs – Half: Php600, Full: Php1,100
  3. Underarms – Php400
  4. Eyebrows or upper lip – Php400
  5. Fingers or toes – Php400
  6. Bikini – Php700
  7. Brazilian – Php1,200



  1. Hands or Feet Massage – Php220
  2. Back Massage – Php300

There are loads of promos and packages that they have for kids, men, and large groups (they call it a ‘sparty’). If you have inquiries, you may contact the SM Marikina branch T 09228255520 or 5134573. It is located at the top floor, beside Quantum and on the side of the activity center.

They have other branches in Tomas Morato, Greenhills, Megamall, The Fort, SM Fairview, Alimall, Alabang, Katipunan, Binondo, and Robinson’s Galleria. For full addresses and contact details, you can visit their site here.

Again, thank you Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa for the pleasant experience! It’s my birthday today (January 1) and I do hope to get a posh spoiling for my hands but I have yet to save money for it. I hope that you can give out discounts and have more promos! :)


Posh Nails

Disclosure: Nothing to disclose. The service was paid for and I am not in any way affiliated with Posh Nails.


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