Cibo Eastwood City: Italian Restaurant Review

It was my birthday last January 1 so my friend and I decided to head over to Eastwood, our most favorite place in this planet, to have dinner. We were planning on frugal dining as we always do but eventually realized that it was not possible as there were lots and lots of hungry people both in the City Walk and the new mall. We finally decided to eat in a more wallet-unfriendly restaurant but boy, were we still disappointed as we were number 24 in the waiting list even for Cyma.

While strolling inside the mall and trying to forget our hunger, I spotted a signage saying that there’s a Cibo branch somewhere amidst the shops in Eastwood Mall. We walked and found Cibo Eastwood–located in the middle (yes, it is NOT a closed space but is much like Jack’s Loft/Pho Hoa/Compass Internet of Robinson’s Galleria) of Arrow, Memo, Stylelab, Maldita and a post.

My friend just sat down in a chair seemingly misplaced in the area while I window shopped at Maldita, and when I got out, we got a table! Hurrah! :)

The first thing I want to commend about Cibo Eastwood is their FANTASTIC service. Understandably, it was hard to get their attention at first as there were a lot of people eating (but no, they weren’t undermanned) but from the moment that we asked for a menu, we felt like we were customers that mattered.


John had to stand up to ask for a menu as we were located behind the counter.

The menu quickly arrived and along with it came our placemats and utensils.

Placemat and utensils

It took us quite a while to decide on what to eat and being the indecisive people that we are, even after calling the waiter and the waiter arriving, we still had a few changes on what we wanted to order. And here is where the excellent service from Cibo Eastwood kicks in again, as the waiter patiently waited for us to decide instead of leaving us after 1 minute of idleness to do something else, as what some waiters in other restaurants do when the customers have a little stall in their decisions. Instead, the waiter gave us recommendations on what the ideal quantity would be for us. We originally wanted to order an oval pizza and a family-sized pasta dish but the waiter warned us that it might be too much for us so he suggested that we get a regular-sized pasta dish instead. (Thank you for helping us save some bucks, dear waiter!)

Our orders arrived after about 10 minutes, which was pretty quick considering the number of people dining at Cibo Eastwood.

Veneziana Farfalle

We got the Veneziana Farfalle, which is bowtie pasta with sauteed seafood in cream sauce. It costs Php258.00 for the regular size, and the serving was pretty much enough as the one you see in the picture above is just my share as we had it split to two. If not shared, this would suffice for a hungry stomach. The bread that came with the pasta was delicious! It reminded me of the soft and tasty bread that we had to pay for when we dined in Greece and Italy. The cream sauce was tasty and had a slightly sweet kick but there weren’t enough seafood in it for me. (I compare this to the amount of seafood in Pizza Hut Bistro’s Seafood Supremo pasta dish.) Another setback was that it was Farfalle (bowtie pasta) which did not really absorb the small quantity of sauce making the entire dish a little bland. It’s a 4/5 for quantity but a 3/5 for quality for me.


Pizza Tonno

We also got Pizza Tonno, which is basically pizza with tuna. It was huge and had 8 slices, and only cost us Php330.00. I can say that this was definitely Italian as the pizza sauce was more of the sour kind as found in pizzerias in Italy rather than the sweet kind that Pinoys usually enjoy. I loved this dish because of the sufficient amount of tuna in the pizza and because of the crust which was not-so-thin yet not-so-thick. Well, I didn’t like the end slice as it had more crust than toppings but the middle slices tasted great! This is a 4/5 for me.

We didn’t get drinks and dessert because we were feeling stingy and mainly because we were full. I even had to take home 2 slices of the pizza. All in all, my Cibo Eastwood experience was good. I would try out the other pasta dishes when I go back and I do hope that they do not disappoint anymore.

Cibo Eastwood is a perfect place to have a casual date, or to hang out with a small group of friends as the price is pretty affordable (don’t forget about the 10% service charge) and the location is perfect for people watching. I’ll definitely try to go back once I get enough funds as the long list of pasta dishes is waiting for me to take back my words on Cibo’s pasta.

You can find Cibo at the 2nd floor of Eastwood Mall. They also have branches in Glorietta 3 & 4, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, Alabang Town Center, Rockwell, Promenade Greenhills, Trinoma, and Greenbelt 5. You can visit Cibo’s site here.


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