How to Win Movie Invites from

Just want to let you all know about a way to win premium items of and special invites to the latest movies in town! :) gives away loots all the time!

How do you win?

Just go to their website and scroll down until you find the “Lootbox” in the site’s left sidebar.


From there you can see recently concluded (those below ‘View Recent Promo’) and ongoing promos (those above).

Promo page

All you have to do is click on the “Promo” tab and the question and entry fields will appear. After getting the answer right and providing your details, you just gave yourself a chance to win free advanced screening invites from ClickTheCity! Congratulations!


I can attest to the truth of this promo because just recently, I won 2 invites to the movie Little Fockers and two limited edition shirts all thanks to ClickTheCity!

The advanced screening is usually held at Glorietta 4 during Fridays so it’s perfect for a date night! I, however, chose to bring along my mudra while the kids and Tito B watched RPG: Metanoia.

The movie was hilarious! Ben Stiller FTW and Jessica Alba never fails to make me swoon. Thanks, ClickTheCity! It was an happy-kind-of-odd feeling to watch a movie with all these people from media and showbiz. (I almost got interviewed when I got out of the movie house! Hahahaha!)

Again, thanks for these lovely items:



Source (printscreens):


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