Bizu’s Macarons de Paris

When I was in Europe, I’d always have an encounter with a Paul bakery and patisserie. There was literally one Paul shop in every corner, especially in France. I remember seeing those tiny, colorful and round treats on display. I’d always take a picture and eventually had to research what those were. Apparently, they were macarons de Paris.

Macarons de Paris are made of crushed almonds filled with ganache and are sure to hit a sweet spot among dessert-lovers. Despite not being able to taste macarons from Ladurée nor Pierre Hermé (patisseries popular for their macarons in Europe), they have definitely been a symbol to me of Europe and its sweetness and elegance ala Blair Waldorf strolling in ChampsÉlysées.

Here in Manila, we fortunately have a patisserie that’s very much famous for their lovely macarons. I’ve heard and seen it from friends that Bizu‘s macarons were the best.


Bizu's Macarons de Paris (photo from Bizu Facebook page)

I never got to purchase macarons here in the country. Though I have always wanted to buy even just a box of 8 for my family (’cause we are a bunch of dessert-hoarders), I never got the chance to. Even though I already have earnings, I get too guilty when I purchase anything delicious with my own money.

Imagine my surprise and joy when it was announced that I won in Bizu Patisserie‘s “Your Bizu Wish List” promo!

I won!

All I had to do was to pick a goodie from the Christmas Catalogue and share a short story on why I like that particular treat. Of course, I had to pick the macarons!

My story :)

Armed with a camera and my two trusted friends (thanks Rai and John), I went to Greenbelt 2 last Saturday to claim my box of macarons. They almost didn’t reach the car as on the way, we wanted to devour all 14 of it!


Thanks Bizu!

Box of 14!

Bizu’s macarons look PERFECT. The ganache wasn’t spilling from its “sandwiched” state and the almond-based meringue “buns” didn’t have cracks and had very minimal bumps and lumps.

Up close

I don’t have a photo of me eating these delicious little treats but I can say that the texture of the macarons were also perfect! The ‘crust’ was much like an egg shell as it was easy to bite into. Inside, the texture was like meringue as it was very tasty yet soft–seemingly preparing one’s mouth for the bigger burst of flavor inside. And, of course, the ganache was not too runny but was instead just as fudgy as it should be!

Rai approves!

John is disappointed...that he only got 1 piece!

Bizu offers 11 flavors all in all: Blueberry, Butterscotch, Chocolate Mint, Coffee, Raspberry, Rose, Chocolate, Lemon, Mango, Pistachio and Vanilla. We got to taste most of the flavors but I can say that the chocolate and pistachio macarons were the best!

My family was not really used to the variety of flavors as I got a mixed bunch of macarons. At first, they were iffy about the taste but eventually, without me knowing, the number of macarons in the box dwindled. Soon enough, there were only 3 left (and these I will save for myself!).


Mother wasn't initially a fan but eventually was the one begging to eat the last 3 pieces!

My little sister who hoarded all the macarons.

Bizu’s macarons are definitely for everybody! :) If you want to go and feed that craving, don’t resist the temptation! Get a taste of the BEST macarons in town!

Get them for only:

  • 45 pesos per piece
  • 355 pesos per box of 8
  • 615 pesos per box of 14
  • 1,175 pesos per box of 28

You can visit Bizu at the following locations:


  • Greenbelt 2 – G/F Greenbelt 2, Parkside, Ayala Center, Makati City Tel. No.: 757-BIZU • 757-47-49
  • Greenhills – The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan Tel. No.: 724-2498 • 726-2496


  • Glorietta 4 – 3/L Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City Tel. Nos.: 757-2086
  • Alabang Town Center – G/L Corte Delas Palmas, Alabang Towncenter, Muntinlupa City Tel. No.: 809-BIZU • 772-1917 • 772-1918
  • St. Luke’s – G/L St. Luke’s Medical Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City Tel. No.: 789-770 loc.1337

Source: and Bizu Facebook site


Trying to come up with an artsy Bizu shot:


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