Super Excited about Super Weekends!

Most 20-year-olds I know are living the life–they’re attending a prestigious university, partying it up during org parties, hanging out with their friends everyday and making the most of their youth. I’m also a 20-year-old but I think youth ended earlier for me.

Because I started going to school early, I graduated from college at a tender age of 19. I’m currently working in the project management office for a multinational IT company. I go to work from Mondays to Fridays in a place about 1 to 2 hours away from my home (depending on the traffic). Not to say that I’m not enjoying work (because I am!) but my life a year ago was very different. I used to dislike weekends as weekdays gave me the chance to be with my friends, see my ‘crushes’, go home late for a ‘valid’ reason, and get some allowance.

Ever since I started working, though, I have learned to value how SUPER weekends are! They keep me sane and give me a good break from all the hardwork throughout the week! There are a lot of things that make me SUPER excited about weekends–and definitely, one of them is getting to have random trips with my college friends. They say that you find your true friends in high school but for me, these boys definitely oppose that saying. Spending weekends with my blockmates make me feel like I’m in college again :)

Me + The Boys in Tagaytay

Another thing that makes me excited is getting to spend time with my entire clan! Almost every Sunday, we have a mini reunion where we eat, sing, share stories, play games, and catch up on each others’ lives! You can say that we are pretty much a closely-knit family. It really is true when they say that even though you mess up really bad, your family will be there to love and accept you. I can’t expound on that because of personal matters but I know that my cousins know how much the entire clan loves them :)

Oyco Cousins :)

Weekends not only give me time to spend with the people I love. Weekends also give me time for myself! :) I’m not really the most girly person out there so I don’t really get my nails/hair done every week but during some moments that I do feel like a girl, weekends give me a chance for self-pampering!

Trying on some new clothes

Lastly, weekends give me a chance to help others out. I was honed back in college to be a woman for others and it really excites me that despite my busy weekdays, I can spend weekends to volunteer for the CSR group of the company I am working for. Just a few weekends ago, I was part of the group that visited Precious Heritage to have a post-Christmas party with some lovely kids :)

Precious Heritage Kids

What about you? What makes your weekends exciting?



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