Berry Yummy Italian Frozen Yogurt

Ever since I started working, I’ve been living a frugal life. I had to bid goodbye to my addiction to froyo (frozen yogurt). I’ve tasted more brands than those listed in one of my most visited blog posts and upon calculation, I have come to realize that I would’ve been able to buy a Flip Mino HD Camera if I didn’t spend that much of froyo.

It has been pretty easy to resist the temptation so far because most froyo places are quite far from home and I try to avoid the path to Dash whenever I’m at Eastwood. Imagine my surprise when I found out with my own eyes that a new froyo shop has opened at Blue Wave Marquinton. I couldn’t resist going inside and taking a look as the place shone very brightly amidst the cellphone tiangge stalls.

Berry Yummy Froyo

Say hello to Berry Yummy Italian Frozen Yogurt! Signage design was not so appealing for me but the brand was pretty witty. I have learned through research that this is owned by Jennelyn Chavez Vizcarra, a pediatrician. (It is, by the way, up for franchise.)

The store

The interiors looked great and pretty cozy with the very modern chairs, the sophisticated mix of colors and the good bunch of lights. The shop was also a wi-fi zone but I wasn’t able to try it out. There was also a magazine with mainstream titles–and yes, I had to take note of that ’cause most shops just put random titles which don’t really interest the customers.

They have froyo combos available (e.g. 4 oz + 2 toppings) much like the more famous froyo shops like Red Mango and White Hat but what’s more interesting is their affordable price of only 16 pesos per oz for their self-serve froyo! :)

They had 2 flavors when I visited–original tart and chocolate. There are about 30 toppings ranging from fruits and nuts to sweets and cereals. I tried out both flavors and had cornflakes, mango and walnuts for my toppings.

Froyo! I missed you!

My order weighed a little above 4 ounces and cost me merely 66 pesos! Talk about savings! As for the taste, as usual, I do not recommend the chocolate froyo because it does not taste like froyo, but rather tastes like Milo soft serve. The original tart flavor tasted great though! It reminded me of how Frutti Froyo’s original froyo tastes like! How I wish I got more of that flavor!

I have some suggestions I could offer to Berry Yummy though.

  1. Get a good marketing/design person.
  2. Be more adventurous with the toppings! Side note: Ifind it very cost-efficient and nationalistic as well that they serve Nips instead of M&Ms :)
  3. More froyo flavors please!
  4. Please “level up” with your serving spoon :( I had to eat using a spoon that’s so small and cancels out the store’s attempt to appear more sassy. A normal plastic spoon would be better :)

All in all though, I recommend Berry Yummy Froyo. The price is affordable and the taste is comparable to the more mainstream froyo stores.

You can visit Berry Yummy at the 1st Floor of the Blue Wave Strip Mall, Sumulong Hi-way, Sto. Niño, Marikina City. They are open from 10 am to 9 pm.


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