I Love You, Beth Cooper from WhenInManila’s Groovy Movie Wednesday

WhenInManila.com again brings us another Groovy Movie Wednesday–this time featuring the 2009 comedy film I Love You, Beth Cooper featuring Paul Rust and the ever wonderful Hayden Panettiere.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name and is directed by Chris Columbus of Home Alone, Harry Potter, Rent and Mrs. Doubtfire fame. I guess that in itself gives us a reason to look forward to seeing this film which has grossed $50,509,336 worlwide at the latest.

Want to know what your 102 minutes from 20th Century Fox would be like?

When Dennis Cooverman gives the commencement speech at his graduation, his friend tells him to let it all out. So he proclaims his love for Beth Cooper the head cheerleader, and reveals things about everyone in the graduating class as well as some other people. Later Beth confronts him and he invites her to a graduation party at his house. And to his surprise she and two of her friends show up. But also some of the people he offended with his speech. And one of them is Beth’s boyfriend who she just broke up with. So they all get in Beth’s car and drive away. And what follows is wild adventure.*

I am a sucker for chick flicks with crazy antics but I haven’t seen this movie yet! However, When In Manila again makes it possible to catch this movie for an HD screening at the comfort of Blue Water Day Spa! Get complimentary massage, snacks and giveaways as you relax and enjoy the Beth Cooper roadtrip.

All you have to do is to blog about this contest and include links to http://WhenInManila.com/http://VinceGolangco.com/http://FlairCandy.com/http://BlueWaterDaySpa.com/ and the fan page, http://Facebook.com/WhenInManila. After that, post the link to your blog in THIS photo thread. If they like your blog post, then you get to have a pair of tickets to the event! Only 20 people can come and join so go ahead and start now ;)

This wonderful event is brought to you by When In ManilaVince GolangcoFlair Candy and Blue Water Day Spa.

*paragraph from imdb.com


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