"Coward!" - Manny, Modern Family

There are times in our lives when we want to say something yet we don’t actually do. It’s not because we can’t articulate it or we can’t find the right time to speak. Sometimes, we don’t say it ’cause we’re scared–scared of what the outcome of speaking our minds will be, scared of upsetting people and hurting those we love, and maybe scared to know how the other person will treat you upon finding out about what you think.

I’ve had loads of moments like those in the past and while I say that I live with no regrets, I recognize that I could’ve done better than just shut my mouth and weather out the storm that’s brewing inside my mind and my mouth. Speaking out could’ve saved some of my grades, relationships, and even goals in life.

Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser), I feel proud whenever I have moments in my life that I have my say. Speaking out about how I felt about my uneasiness with my previous role at work saved me from 2 years of having a job that was definitely a wrong fit. Speaking out about some issues that I had with some relationships didn’t really save me the post-discussion drama but made me learn about a few things I should work on about myself.

I’m looking forward to having more opportunities to let my voice be heard–not tactlessly, of course. As I grow bigger (huhu) and older, I know that life will throw me more opportunities to challenge my progressing stand on “speaking now” but I will be there, welcoming these chances with open arms.

Maturity doesn’t come without courage. It’s such a shame that 10 year-old Manny Delgado (in photo) beat us to it but I’m sure that we can learn from him. I definitely did.


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