Future Atenean

I forgot to share that I brought my little sister to Ateneo when I had a short stint at the DISCS Open House. I have been bugging her to get into law school–that’ll be in about 10 years. She’s one of the more intellectually-gifted among us and though I claim that she got that from me, I must say, this kid can whoop my tush in a quiz bee. I helped her with her Hekasi (ew) review one night and to my surprise, she was feeling lazy. She just skimmed through the pages and gave the book back to me. I tried to test her knowledge by asking her questions and dayyym, she got most of them right!

I digress. During the open house, I constantly asked her if she was already bored. She oddly was not. Potpot was intently listening to the speakers and videos. Even I myself can tell that the other 99% of the people in the room were probably bored. Folks talked about the CS program, the CS curriculum and the JTA program. Potpot had lots of questions. She kept on bugging me about when the electives could be taken and how the JTA stint would fit into the whole college stay.

Just recently, during a car ride, she told us that she wants to take up Computer Science in Ateneo because of the JTA program.

My, oh my! I think I molded her to be a nerd like me.


UPDATE: She said it again during a random conversation in the living room. IS THIS SERIOUS?? Who will be my future lawyer now?


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