That’s My Favorite Song

Let’s cut to the chase. I don’t have a favorite song. I won’t be able to put anything in the blank if a slambook asked me what my “all-time super mega favorite” song is.

There are quite a number of songs in my jukebox (aka my brain) that get more plays than most but I don’t have that ONE favorite. I honestly don’t understand how anyone can pick ONE song out of the gazillions and label it a favorite. Sure, I’ll get it if you have a favorite movie (mine is forever Back to the Future) or a favorite TV show (mine is forever How I Met Your Mother). But a favorite song? Eh.

Much like in movies, music is used to match the existing vibe or set the mood of a situation. (Cue: American Idol Songs from the Movies Week.) Imagine Space Jam without I Believe I Can Fly, The Bodyguard without I Will Always Love You, The Breakfast Club without Don’t You Forget About Me, Titanic without My Heart Will Go On, Armageddon without Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, or City of Angels without Iris (scrap that last one, the song’s been overdone). That said, for me, music is mood/situation-dependent. You listen to a sad song either when you’re sad or when you want to be sad. Remember that moment in your car when this certain song plays and it just feels like a normal singable song? Weeks pass and you find yourself in your car again with that same song playing on the radio and you go “Ah, dejavu!” but this time it feels as if the song suddenly means something more to you. You wonder why the hell you’re enjoying Miley’s “The Climb” then realize that you can somewhat relate to it ’cause work’s been such a life-sucker and you just want to get there on top. Yep, that’s what I’m talking about.

If you’re a normal being or a girl on her period, you probably have a plethora of moods. Technology has been so awesome these days that demi-Zuckerbergs were able to make things like Musicovery or Stereomood. (This isn’t a paid ad.) You just select the mood that you’re in and the site comes up with a playlist of songs that you’ll probably like ala mixtape. Of course they can’t control music taste so it’s still pretty much up to you to pick if you’ll listen to MGMT or Lady Gaga.

Before I digress, I just want to point out that we have favorite songS (emphasis on the s). We have that song that we put on repeat when we feel miserable. There’s that song that you only call your ‘favorite’ when you’re in the office. The list goes on an on. I bust a move to If We Ever Meet Again when I’m on 100% happy mode. 0% Interest is on repeat when I’m in a 90% ecstatic-10% miserable vibe. I enjoy When the Stars Go Blue when I’m on 80% hopeful-20% depressed mode. Half of my Heart is my ultimate favorite when I’m in a 75% lonely-25% amused aura. I love The Lazy Song when I’m in the office but don’t play it as much when I’m at home. Crash Into Me only appears on my playlist when it’s past 12 midnight and I’m alone. And my list goes on and on as well.

(See, I’m not imposing my being a lyrics person to everyone. There will always be a Peyton and there will always be a Brooke in the crowd. I don’t discount the fact that upbeat jiggle-my-hips songs become my mood/sitch favorites at times.)

Key takeaway of this blog post is…nothing. Hahaha. I just hope that people spend time to stray away from the usual stuff that they listen to. Y’know, maybe make an “I’m only listening to new stuff today to find new favorites” day every week. And also, never ask me what my favorite song is. It makes my mind go on overdrive.

Which reminds me, I don’t have a favorite song yet for the “I just wrote a horrible blog post” situation. I think I need one right now.


Yes, I changed my blog layout! Isn’t it pretty? :)

I’ll try to blog more often. And don’t click on that “Fragments” link in the menu bar if you don’t like Peyton Sawyer. I’m pretty much trying to be like her starting with my weight.


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