Lists Are Cool

I’ve made more lists than I can remember throughout my entire life–some on paper, some via this blog (or some other blog, ’cause you know, I have PLENTY of those), some via listography (well, I don’t have anything there actually; the thought of having an account in the site is just comforting), and some–well, actually most of them–in my mind.

One list that I make sure I update though is my bucket list, which you can see if you direct your eyes towards the upper part of your screen–or if you just click on that link. I’ve kept this since college senior year and make sure that I update it when any of these happen:

  1. I think of a new thing to add on that bucket list that I want to do
  2. I think of a new thing to add on that bucket list that I’ve already done but was just too stupid not to include in the list
  3. I actually accomplish something on that list

I haven’t checked it in a while, well, until today and I have realized that I probably won’t be able to accomplish all of those things with the pace that I have. I’ve crossed out 8 out of 64 items (or 12.5%) which is pretty sucky given the difficulty level of majority of the items on that list. (Fly a kite? Seriously? Who else has not done that?)

So, I have come to a realization that random “I’ll do this someday” lists suck. They don’t encourage me at all to accomplish anything. With that, I have decided to make yet another list of things I want to do within 2011 AND when I will do them. Yey, more lists! Accomplishment on or before the estimated completion date is a success. Else, it is a failure. More encouraging, right? (Am I the only one amused here?)

Without much further ado, I present you The List That Trumps All Lists: 2011 Edition:

  1. Bake a cake – July 2011 Done!!! Baked a carrot cake!!
  2. Learn how to say ‘I love you’ in 25 different languages – August 2011 (In reality, this should take only one day. But as we know, one day = one month in Meki measures.)
  3. Have a successful NaBoPloMo – 2nd week of August to 2nd week of September 2011
  4. Stay inside the movie house for an entire day – August 2011 (And by this, I mean just ONE day in August. I’ll probably do it for Captain America, no?)
  5. Learn how to drive – August 15 to September 1
  6. Learn conversational French – August to December 2011
  7. Duet with someone to cover “When the Stars Go Blue” – September 2011
  8. Draw a portrait of myself – October 2011
  9. Fly a freakin’ kite – October 2011
  10. Get something published in a major newspaper or magazine – October 2011
  11. Be an ‘extra’ in a movie or a TV show – November 2011
  12. Be a part of the audience during a game show – November 2011
  13. Become a vegetarian for 3 weeks – November 14 to December 5
  14. Learn how to ice skate well – December 2011 (I don’t want to be an Olympic skater. I just want to move away from the railings when I skate.)
  15. Join and finish a fun run – by the end of 2011 (I’m supposed to join the Milo Run on July 31 but let me check with my heart first. More on that heart thing in future posts or maybe…never.)

Doable? I say yes. This list brags of almost-zero difficulty and utter childishness. Even a ten-year-old can finish all these.

However, I’d rather share this than my technicolor full production dream sequence about what and where I want to be when I turn 25. If you haven’t heard my story yet, then good for you. In a gist, it’s like reading a blog post with ten 10-sentence paragraphs. Why suffer with that when you can read this 15-item list? Why find out about my real desire to become a soul-winning housewife/soccer mom, M.S., Ph.D., who manages a restaurant and events if you can easily know how much I want to bake a cake and be an extra for a John Lloyd movie?

See, lists are pretty cool.


2 thoughts on “Lists Are Cool

    • makemelodies says:

      Goooo! Pag merong same with mine, help me do it! :)) Meron din pala akong “win a tennis game” kaya lang binura ko kasi di talaga ako marunong :| Mahirap ba tutunan?

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