A Letter to the Young Meklot

Dear 16-year-old Self,

  1. You are anorexic. And you probably annoy people when you ask them if you’re getting fat ’cause seriously, you looked like a zombie.
  2. You are too nene for college. Yes, you’ve lost a lot of weight but you could’ve at least matured a little. You’re studying in Ateneo–where girls from all these private schools abound. You could at least try to fit in even just a tiny bit.
  3. You shouldn’t be afraid to shift out. You probably wouldn’t regret it.
  4. You should spend more quality time in school–maybe being more active in your org or studying in the library. You’ll miss college once it’s done.
  5. You’ll be .06 points shy of graduating magna cum laude. Perform better in at least two classes to get even just one letter grade higher. The award won’t mean a thing but at least it will set you apart from the entire batch and will give you a right to bargain for higher salary.
  6. You should spend more quality time with your friends. Once you’re done with college, you won’t get to see each other that much.
  7. You should listen more in class. You’ll miss learning once you start being a corporate girl.
  8. You should STOP LIKING THAT PERSON. You’ll get over him next year and three years from now, you’ll laugh at yourself for even liking him. STOP CRYING NOW, seriously.
  9. You should stop your favorite guy friend from getting a girlfriend soon. You’ll like him 3 years from now. He’ll like you too. Might as well start liking each other while you still have time together in school.
  10. You should cut your other favorite guy friend some slack when he joins Babble. He deserves something awesome to happen in his college life.
  11. You should be more active in church. College is NOT a reason to forget the Lord.
  12. You should go befriend that curly-haired dude and that girl who likes watching UAAP in your block. They’ll be important to your life.
  13. You’re not in high school. Stop bringing your entire library to school–and stop bringing home the entire Rizal Library too. Two or three years from now, you’ll only be bringing a notebook filler, a pen and your phone.
  14. You’ll be studying for a semester in FRANCE a year from now! Congratulations! Go take French lessons instead of Japanese lessons. Don’t be afraid to take a class alone.
  15. You should stop blogging senselessly. You’re so emo. You’re blessed and you have a lot to be happy about :)
  16. Fine, despite all these things that I wish you changed about you, I’m still grateful. If you weren’t that way,  I wouldn’t end up where I am right now. Thank you. I owe you a lot for the lessons that I’ve learned.

Your 20-year-old Self


Me being 16 and awkward:


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