Casting Call

I love going to the movies. One thing about how I watch movies is that no matter what genre –be it comedy, a chick flick, action, fantasy, sci-fi, etc–I always put myself in the shoes of one of the characters. I pretend to be a part of the movie and try to imagine if I would react the same way or if I would make a different decision if the circumstance happens to me in real life.

Here’s a list of the movie characters whose lives I want to translate into reality:

(1) Gabriella Montez (High School Musical)

  • + I’ll be pretty & smart, I’ll have a great voice and a smokin’ bod, and my boyfriend will be TROY freaking BOLTON.
  • –  People would probably think I’m weird ’cause I would randomly burst out into a song while walking down the hallway or preparing food in the kitchen during my summer job.
(2) Julianne Potter (My Best Friend’s Wedding)
  • + I’ll be a FOOD CRITIC in New York for goodness’ sake. BEST JOB EVER. Add to that the fact that…I will have a very hot guy best friend. And, during one lunch in some seafood place, my companions get to sing “The moment I wake up, before I put on my make up…blahblah…” and the WHOLE restaurant sings along. That is just one of my biggest dreams.
  • – I won’t get the boy ’cause I’ll never be creme brulee but will always be just Jell-O :( [Plus points if you get the reference.]
(3) Sandy (Grease)
  • + I’ll be pretty, nice, and smart AND I WILL HAVE NO PUSON. Finally. I’ll have summer nights and I get friendly down in the sa-haha-nd. I get to go to a high school that has barkadas called the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies.
  • – I’ll end up being a bad girl.
(4) S1mone (S1mone)
  • + I’ll be perfect.
  • – I’ll just be a product of some geek’s great mind and I can be wiped away from existence by a virus.
(5) Jenna Rink (13 Going on 30)
  • + I’ll be a fashion magazine editor (2nd most awesome job ever!) Even better than that, I’ll end up with my best friend who has good taste in music :)
  • – I’ll have a sucky snorting ex who strips to Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.
(6) Basha (One More Chance)
  • + I’ll have Popoy at his best.
  • – I’ll choose to break his heart.
(9) Summer Finn (500 Days of Summer)
  • + Everyone will double-take upon seeing me and I can do basically anything that I want to do–even slice a person’s chest, take his heart and rip it into two.
  • – I’ll represent all the jerks (girls and guys alike) in this planet. I’ll be a living emblem of having a stone heart.
I think I’d still go with…
(10) Meki (Meki’s life which is not a movie)
  • + You have a God, a great family, and a pretty nice job. You’re blessed!
  • – You are up at 2:41 am blogging about this. You should get a life.

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