Define, define, define


  • Working for more than 9 hours, then 10 hours the next day, then 11 hours the next day.
  • Having your period during an outing.
  • Paying bills on payday; and the last week of the current month and the first week of the next (aka drought).
  • Having a John Hughes box set and a DVD player that does not read your DVDs.
  • Your crush falling for your best friend (or worse, your husband having an affair with your best friend)–and you finding out about it through a text message wrongly sent. — Did not happen to me. Just felt sad for Maricel Soriano when she learned about Zsa Zsa’s affair with Gabby.
  • Being too tired to blog.


  • Finding out that the weekend when you’ll be on an out-of-town trip with your friends (using up one Vacation Leave) will actually fall on a long weekend.
  • Being stuck in traffic on your way to Galleria from the hospital and realizing that there’s a branch of Chatime there.
  • Having no trouble getting a cab outside your home when you have 30 minutes left to travel to McKinley Hill.
  • Being saved.
  • Five-hour phone conversations, the best soy latte that you ever had and…me.
  • Not having to read my lengthy blog posts.

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