Meklot from one year ago would probably laugh at present Meklot. I have become a shopping over food person.

I never understood how people could get hooked to shopping until now. I used to find it as a very superficial “hobby”. In the past, whenever I’d go to malls to attempt to shop, I’d end up not buying anything ’cause I had to have 4 or 5 options before buying something. And then when I finally have something in hand and am already lining up in the counter, I’d second guess my almost-purchase and end up going home empty-handed.

Nowadays though, I am on a shopping roll! I’ve probably spent 1/4 of my salary this month for clothes, shoes and bags–and, get this: I do not feel guilty for shopping! I cannot believe I’ve only discovered the thrills of retail therapy now. I could have saved myself some tears and heartaches in the past if I only knew that shopping could temporarily heal a broken heart.

I used to be insecure too when I shop ’cause I used to be a 2XL, I had big feet, and I ran on a low budget. Now, I can fit into an M or an L, I still have big feet, and I have my own money to spend (bwahaha). But I think it’s not so much about having a change in your status in life. It’s more about changing one’s self-image and realizing that you deserve good things because God loves you. Less of the “I’m so kawawa” stuff ’cause that is just too taxing.

Ah, change. I’m glad I’m doing this. And I’m glad that God seems to have pulled a tiny string in my heart to cause this whole transformation. Now, who wants to go with me to Bangkok to shop? :)


Change in priorities, change in bucket list.

  1. Bake a cake – July 2011 Done!!! Baked a carrot cake!!
  2. Learn how to say ‘I love you’ in 25 different languages – August 2011 (In reality, this should take only one day. But as we know, one day = one month in Meki measures.)  Parked.
  3. Have a successful NaBoPloMo – September 10 to October 10
  4. Stay inside the movie house for an entire day – One day in September 2011. I’ll do it for Friends with Benefits.
  5. Get a student’s driver license – Will ask Micah when she’d be free
  6. Learn how to drive – The week after I get my license
  7. Learn conversational French – October to December 2011
  8. Duet with someone to cover “When the Stars Go Blue” – September 2011 Parked.
  9. Draw a portrait of myself – October 2011
  10. Fly a freakin’ kite – October 2011 Skip for now.
  11. Get something published in a major newspaper or magazine – October 2011 Parked.
  12. Be an ‘extra’ in a movie or a TV show – November 2011 Parked.
  13. Be a part of the audience during a game show – November 2011 Parked. No decent show to watch.
  14. Be a pescatarian for 4 weeks – September 20 to October 20 a.k.a. Operation Boracay
  15. Learn how to ice skate well – December 2011 (I don’t want to be an Olympic skater. I just want to move away from the railings when I skate.) Parked.
  16. Join and finish a fun run – by the end of 2011 (I’m supposed to join the Milo Run on July 31 but let me check with my heart first. More on that heart thing in future posts or maybe…never.) Skip for now.
  17. Watch a Broadway play – December 2011 please. Wicked? :)
  18. Buy 5 different kinds of drumsticks – December 2011
Read this back issue of Seventeen that I somehow had in my bookpile. There’s a “21 things to do before you’re 21” list and I just thought I should share.
  1. Take a road trip – I will drive to Tagaytay and back when I learn how to drive. Seriously. I’ll probably do this in December.
  2. Learn to cook – I know basic things naman but fine, I’ll whip up something from the Masterchef AU site every week in November.
  3. Learn to play a musical instrument – I really need to take drum lessons and maybe go to the sanctuary every night to practice. *ponders*
  4. Buy a lottery ticket – No, thanks :)
  5. Say “I love you” – Alright, I’ll try to say this more often to the RIGHT people.
  6. Win an award  – Done! Yey BSPC’s finest!
  7. Save Php8,000 – Done ;)
  8. Forgive someone – Working on it.
  9. Get a part-time job – More like, get a REAL job + a part-time job ;)
  10. Know your grandparents – Hmm, I think I know Nanay naman. Maybe it’s time to treat her out using my own money, as promised. I’ll do that one of these days.
  11. Have your fortune told – No, thanks :)
  12. Visit a zoo – Countless of times.
  13. Do your own laundry – I’ve done this in the past but I’ll ponder about doing it permanently.
  14. Ride a horse – Hehe, Baguio!
  15. Explore the Philippines – I’ve been to quite a lot of places but another province visit in 2011 would be good.
  16. Leave the country – Done ;)
  17. Donate your formal dress – I don’t have one :p
  18. See one thing that is the world’s biggest or best Visit Marikina! We have the world’s biggest shoes!
  19. Read a real book – I’ll go read The Catcher in the Rye soon. Note to self: buy the real book. It’s hard to read an e-book using your laptop.
  20. Learn to drive stick shift – See list above.
  21. Learn to love your body – Getting there.

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