Our Aspirations are Wrapped Up in Books

I’ve been asked by my new favorite teammate (I have one every week) if I read books. I do read non-fiction but if you browse through every nook in this blog, you’ll notice that my Loose Leaf project page has been gathering cobwebs. I haven’t been able to finish any book  for the last 6 months or so *corporate awwww*.

I’m not really a wide reader and I wouldn’t claim to be a bookworm (’cause duh, I haven’t been able to finish anything in a while).

I did finish some of the Gladwell books though (best one = Outliers).

I read The Accidental Billionaires way before finding out that it will be turned into a movie.

I enjoyed Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist THE BOOK over THE MOVIE. And, I felt infinite upon finishing Perks–which I hope turns out to be a great movie too.

At the moment though, I’ve been spending more money on Christian books ’cause I have realized that they are the ones worth spending for and having a physical copy of to share with anyone else who might need it. The rest, hello e-books! I actually have 4 books that I recently bought/received that I haven’t finished yet :(

With that, I need your opinion on which one I should (re-)read first:

I really do hope that I can finish all these books before 2011 ends. They are in my hands for a reason.

If you, by any chance, want to borrow any of these, feel free to drop me a note and let me know :)


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