For My Little Sister and Other Kids Her Age That I Care About

Dear kiddo,

I feel for you sometimes. I often wish that you were born at the same time that I was—you know, when being a kid was still something fun. I remember being a kid and having that literally youthful glow that I try to replicate now (it’s impossible, believe me). I sometimes wonder why I don’t see that in you.

My usual arguments with my parents every afternoon when I was a kid would be on the matter of taking an afternoon nap or not. Sleep is lovely. I wish I knew that before. I do not understand how most of you are not encouraged by your parents to sleep in the afternoon. It’s supposed to make you grow taller—not Cherifer.

I don’t understand why you’re in a hurry to grow up. I’m telling you this early that you’ll miss those moments when you can wear ratty clothes and no one will care. You’ll miss being able to cry whenever you’re hurt or sad and having no one judge you for being too touchy.

What is it with kids and planning their future anyway? When you’re young, pain should come only from wounds. Worry should come only from homework. Life should be plain joy. I honestly think that your gloomy vibe comes from the fact that you don’t stay under the sun for more than 30 minutes each day. Nature’s nutrients cannot seethe through your skin when you’re at home, in the computer shop, or at the mall. I think you can also lose some excess weight if you actually go out and play patintero, piko or habulan. I don’t remember having chubby friends when I was a kid. I myself was stick-thin. Oh, what would I give to have the vigor I once had. Take advantage of that.

So, please. Drop the gaming console or the laptop or the iPad. The world outside is more colorful than your gadget no matter how clear that LCD/LED/AMOLED/Super AMOLED display is. I’m not sure if you even know anyone from our neighborhood. Nothing beats crashing a neighbor’s house not to play PS3 or XBox but to talk, play house, or hold fake beauty pageants and tea parties.

If you look around you, you’ll see more adults acting like little kids—being very childish and immature. You know why? Because being a kid is awesome and maybe everyone above 20 right now would give anything just to be a kid again.

I hope you enjoy being young. I’d despise the day when you become a grown-up and find it not any different from what you were like 10 years ago. It’s not supposed to work that way. When you grow up, you should not only have something to look forward to but also something to look back on.


Your older sister who wishes she can be 10 again



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