I Guess I’ll Be a Hermit Again

The first thing that I thought of when I woke up on September 1 was “Oh yeah, -ber months!” ’cause I am such a sucker for the Christmas season and the seemingly endless joy that comes with it. The second thing that I thought of was “It’s fall season in the States!!!” ’cause I am such a sucker for good TV shows.

And yes, my friends, it is true. Sitcom season has begun and I am LOVING it! However, I won’t be sharing with you about the new season of some good old shows that I still continue to watch (e.g. HIMYM, Modern Family, rest of the list here). I’ll share with you 3 new shows that I’m definitely sticking with for a long time—that is, if they don’t get cancelled, ’cause seriously, almost everything that I like gets cancelled.

1) New Girl

The story: Quirky girl (Jess) fresh from a breakup lives with 3 dudes (one is a sensitive guy with douchebag tendencies, one is a gym coach, one just got dumped) in an apartment. She somehow changes their lives with her Dirty Dancing-watching, singing to herself, and random dancing around. The show takes us through the story of how these 4 folks end up to be good friends—taking care of each other and giving gender-specific tips—with Jess’ model friend upping the game every once in a while.

Why you should watch this: New Girl is fresh and fun, and it makes being quirky cooler than being hot. For the girls, I’m sure you’ve always wanted to have guy best friends who won’t hit on you. For the guys, I’m sure you’ve all had the girl friend who has a hot friend.

The show, in short, hits something very close to home.

Even my mother understands how familiar the Jess personality is to me.

Zooey Deschanel is refreshing as always—providing comedy that comes out naturally and doesn’t try too hard.

And seriously, everyone needs to watch a show that has a douchebag jar.

Who will love this: Girls who are usually “just friends” with guys (fine, I admit that I cried while watching the pilot episode), guys who like Zooey Deschanel, and mixed gender barkadas.

When does it air: Tuesdays in the States, meaning Wednesdays for us

What show does this remind me of: It’s like a cuter version of My Boys (which I hope you watched)

Rating: 5 stars–BRILLIANT

2) Up All Night

The story: Chris and Reagan have pretty awesome work lives. Chris works/used to work in a law firm. Reagan is a TV show producer. And the two used to be a very outgoing couple used to partying all night, and going out whenever Ava (Reagan’s TV show host) sprouts and drags them to some place—that is until they produce a baby. The show revolves around how they balance their work lives and being up all night for baby Amy and for each other.

Why you should watch this: Up All Night is not as funny as New Girl but it definitely is one TV show with sense. I am now second-thinking my dream to be a semi-working mom. It teaches about responsibility, compromise, priorities, and committed relationships—between friends and couples.

And Maya Rudolph becomes the Barney Stinson of the pack, providing almost everything funny in this sitcom.

And Will Arnett is gorgeous.

Who will love this: Newlyweds, new parents, people who are dreaming of having kids someday—basically, everyone except those who don’t like kids

When does it air: Wednesdays in the States, meaning Thursdays for us

What show does this remind me of: It’s like a less varied/more focused Modern Family.

Rating: 4 stars–WORTH IT

3) 2 Broke Girls

The story: Max and Caroline are two girls working at a Brooklyn resto/diner of some sort. Other than that, the only thing they have in common is that they’re both broke. Max comes from a poor working-class family and Caroline comes from a rich family gone bankrupt. Differences set aside, they dream of eventually opening their own cupcake shop—but first, they have to raise $250,000.

Why you should watch this: Even though I HATE the laugh track (seriously, it’s horrible), Max’s sarcastic wit is pretty charming. And Caroline, oh, Caroline is a funny beyond words—somewhat breaking from the rich blonde girl stereotype. Forgiving the mediocre set, the plot is pretty interesting and the show provides vintage kind of humor mixed with pop culture references & postmodern banters.

Oh, and Noah Mills. Nuff said.

Who will love this: People who want humor different from the humor offered by almost all sitcoms nowadays

When does it air: Mondays in the States, meaning Tuesdays for us

What show does this remind me of: It reminds me of Frasier, Cheers, and other sitcoms that I didn’t understand when I was young.

Rating: 3 stars–GOOD ENOUGH


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