Why You Should Get Over Your Milk Tea Obsession

I never posted about it here in my blog (posted it here & here though) but I’m sure most of you know how obsessed I am was with milk tea.


That picture doesn’t even give justice to the amount of milktea I downed into my system. There was even a month when I drank milk tea EVERYDAY (literally).

Yes, I was that addicted. People have told me to make a “milk tea comparison” post to review all the brands that I’ve tried. I was supposed to do that 2 weeks ago but I have finally seen the light. I still do drink milk tea every once in a while but it’s safe to say that I’m not addicted anymore. Thus, I will share with you some tips on why you should get over your milk tea addiction.


It’s not nice to ask a friend to pass by Mckinley, drive you to a milk tea place, and bring you back to the office before going to Makati for work—unless he’s willing. It’s not nice to ask your sister who’s tired from being in school all day to walk to Katipunan and get you a cup of milk tea.


When I was addicted to milk tea, I never went to places without a milk tea shop—thus, hanging out with me would mean being limited to Eastwood or Katipunan or Megamall or Galle. You can bring me to a place where there is no milk tea shop (e.g. Shang or Gateway) but I’ll insist afterwards that we grab a quick milk tea fix in some place. Well, I don’t even think I’ve been to a non-mall hangout place recently.

3) Milk tea addiction is EXPENSIVE.

How much have you spent for milk tea? I can say that I’ve spent maybe 1,000 to 2,000 pesos every month for milk tea over the past 6 months. When you sum it all up that is equal to maybe 2 bags and 2 dresses (for girls), 2 Memo polos (for guys) or even a cellphone (for everyone). Why spend money on something that lasts for 30 minutes when you can spend it on something that can last for a year or two? Can’t resist NOT having milk tea everyday? A bottle of Mine Shine from 7-11 costs only 40 pesos.

4) Milk tea is HIGH IN CALORIES.

Have I told you how my manager has changed my life? Yesterday, we were to have our regular 1:1 and I went in the room with my Mine Shine bottle. He then shares with me that milk tea is supposedly high in calories. I defend my love for milk tea and say “hindi naman siguro” until he challenges me to look at the bottle’s nutritional facts. After that, my life has been changed. Starting on Sunday, I vow NOT to drink milk tea ever again. A Mine Shine bottle has ~250 calories and according to my manager, I have to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes to burn 100 calories. No, thanks. Can’t resist NOT having tea everyday? Drink normal tea and skip the sugar.

Get over your addiction and be nicer to friends, explore more places where you can hang out, save some money, and avoid the extra cellulite. Trust me, it’s a nice feeling.


Random vanity photo of the day:


5 thoughts on “Why You Should Get Over Your Milk Tea Obsession

  1. Not Mei Ong says:

    Meki! Schlurp is also good. Well, I prefer it over Mine Shine, in the field of 7-11 milk teas. Haha. Also, I think a normal bottle usually contains 150 calories but the pearls or sinkers are the real culprits for the unwanted calories!

  2. Carla says:

    Hi Mekki, I’m not generally fond of milk tea but I tasted some good ones while I was in HK and I agree that it can be addicting (but expensive!)

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