Dance, Dance, Dance

I am too tired to blog about something smart and brilliant. With that, I’ll just share with you the reason why I am too tired: I AM DANCING AGAIN! :)

I was part of the church dance group when I was in high school but I neglected my involvement when college began. For this year’s youth quake though, I joined the group again and alas, I feel like an old lady with rayuma.

It’s so much fun to be with church friends again! They’re funny and fun to be with. And, one thing we ALL have in common is that we’re all camwhores. We can spot a camera that’s 50 meters away.

I won’t post pics/vids of me dancing ’cause I’m shy (hihi) but I’ll just post some random pictures we took when we had a break.

Photos c/o Kuya Ken's camera

Hope I can blog in a better way tomorrow. For now though, this should do. Have a great and blessed day tomorrow!


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