Babies are Cute

Apologies for the redundancy. Babies = cute tiny people. Thus, when we say that babies are cute, we’re actually saying that “cute tiny people are cute”. But, that’s besides the point.

I am totally amused with children. Fortunately, living in the parsonage allows me to interact with a lot of babies. By the way, let me just clarify who I am referring to when I say “babies”. Babies for me are kids below 7 years old who (1) like playing/writing/taking pictures/fighting/running/chasing/sweating/catching my breath with me, (2) have friendly parents who won’t scold me if I fake-scare their kids, (3) are easily persuaded by food, and (4) are old enough to play/write/take pictures/fight/run/chase already.

Don’t get me wrong. I love babies who are literally babies too. I just don’t call them “babies”. Odd.

Anyway, among those I regularly have harutan sessions with are Kuya Zyrkx, and my godchildren Aouie, Dhrixton, and Josh. They’re so cute :( I can’t imagine them being all grown up and not hugging me anymore :(

Video taken by Dhrixton:

Jumping over Josh:

Jumping over Josh…not quite:

Dancing the Jamich dance thing:

Random old school Aouie video:



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