I cannot believe how obsessed I am with buying shoes nowadays. It’s like a sickness. My AB Psych major sister would probably tell me that this is due to my shoe-buying repressions when I was a kid. I would usually debunk whatever “psychological” thing she would say (I’m bitter haha!) but that MIGHT be true.

Earning my own money means having the chance to buy what I want without the need for other people’s approvals. In short, I can go to the mall, buy things, go home, and no one will get mad. Unlike when I was a kid, I’d go to the mall, tag along my mom and dad, see a nice pair I want to buy, make pa-cute so that they’d buy it, hear 5 reasons why I shouldn’t buy it, find something else that they’d like, go home sorta happy.

I bought 8 pairs of footwear this month alone. How splendid. The catch is that I don’t buy anything above 1000 pesos. I haven’t broken that promise yet and I have no plans to—which means, I might be a shopaholic but I still am a budget shopper. Well, that makes me feel better :)



Black flats a.k.a. harabas footwear — from SM Dept Store

Blue sneakers a.k.a. Support Pinoy products! a.k.a. my mother wants to steal this — from Advan (This was my trusty rubber shoes brand when I was a kid ’cause it’s cheap but the quality’s good! It’s like buying clothes from a thrift shop!)

Brown open-toed flats a.k.a. spice-up-my-boring-outfit footwear— from Parisian

Light tan oxfords — from an online shop


Blue wild flats c/o Crossings — won it for free thanks to Cosmo!

Cream sandals a.k.a. my lazy day footwear — from Parisian Plus

Brown chunky and high-heeled shoes — from Primadonna

Black patent pumps a.k.a. regular work shoes — from Parisian

Yellow low-heeled shoes — from Ferretti (my latest buy thanks to money from my lola!)

I love this pair! The moment I saw the colors, I knew that I had to buy it!

I obviously love Parisian ’cause they have big sizes and their designs are really up-to-date! (I wish Marikina can do that.) I try to avoid visiting the Parisian area whenever I go to department stores ’cause I always end up buying something.

I love Ferretti too but I’ve been having a hard time finding a pair that would fit me. Their size 40 is very sakto. How I wish they could make size 41 shoes specially of this style! Yes, you can shop online! :)

I really hope I can buy more pairs these coming weeks. I still need the ff: (1) heeled oxfords/loafers, (2) Supras for dance, (3) boots, and (4) red pumps.

Another random photo :D

Anyway, since this post is about shoes, Marikina is holding the Sapastos Festival this coming October!! I am SOOOO EXCITED! Also, they have brilliant ads all over Marikina! The whole festival’s tagline is “The shoe must go on!” How witty, no?

Marikina Sapatos Festival 2011 (photo c/o Shoe Festival Facebook page)

Here are the activities (c/o Shoe Festival Facebook page):

You know what the most exciting thing is about the Marikina Sapatos Festival? There will be a shoe sale in the city hall quad until November! Yeeeeeey!! As you SHOULD know, Marikina shoes are sturdy and can last a long long time! They’re shoes you can really “invest” on for a very affordable price ;)

Photo c/o Sapatos Festival Facebook page

I can’t wait to buy even MORE shoes this October!


Note: If you want to visit Marikina but don’t know anyone from here, let me know :)


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