Girls, Girls, Girls: On Nail Polish, Inspiration, and Being Pathetic

I am currently obsessed with polishing my nails—to the point that I even did it in the dark with a candle as my source of light during the brownout. Let me just say that even though the colors of their nail polish when in the bottle are different from the colors when applied on nails, I’ll still stick with The Face Shop.

Their nail polish is VERY easy to apply. I do my own nails and people get surprised when I tell them that ’cause it’s evenly spread out over my nail!

Well, it’s easy to apply polish on your left fingernails when you’re a righty.

Left hand - No edits!

The right hand is a struggle though. Thanks to The Face Shop, it’s easy to put on my right fingernails. And, in case there are excesses, they are easy to remove ;)

Righty - No edits!

I’ve been told in a nail spa (yes, I used to go to such when I didn’t own any The Face Shop nail polish yet) that my nails are big and fun to experiment on. Maybe I should be a hand model nalang, no?

Well, again, thanks The Face Shop (no I didn’t get the polish for free)! I only have two bottles at the moment (one in pink and one in red) but when I earn some extra money, I’ll try to get more bottles soon from every color in the palette!


I am feeling very inspired to be girly recently. Here is my mood board thanks to Tumblr!


People surprise you sometimes. People who others think are “desperate” and “pathetic” usually aren’t really desperate nor pathetic. People who others think are being chased are the ones who usually are going through desperate measures to chase people.

Moral of the story: Look beneath the surface.

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