I’ve been feeling experimental these days. It’s such an odd feeling—especially if you know how play-by-the-rules I am.

First, I tried it with my nails.

Pwede naman :) People liked my red nails which look horrible now, by the way.

Then, I tried it with my hair.

Tried braiding my hair and tying it on the side with a hairband. It doesn’t look so obvious but these are the only decent non-Myspace pics I could take alone.

Now, I’m trying this “experimenting” thing on any shirt that I can my hands on. I tried to make my own fringe shirt using a a shirt that I don’t really fit into well anymore (c/o Mika). This is what I came up with:

It fits just right! Yey! I’m still trying to think of an opportunity when I can wear this but for now, I am contented with the fact that I have one less normal shirt.

And no, I didn’t stop there! I made a fabric bracelet (which is pretty boring to take a pic of) and…fringe necklaces! Yes, these lovely babies are DIY!

If you want to know how I did this, just let me know so I can try to make a quick tutorial :)

Also, I am looking for more things to do with the stuff I find here at home. I’ll probably be making these soon:

If you have more ideas that you want me to try, drop me a note! Let’s put this experimenting vibe into good use.


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