Jason Mraz Sings with a Fan in Manila…

…is the headline that I hope to see everywhere on November 1 right after the Jason Mraz in Manila concert.

At first, I thought that dream was too far off. Come on. Jason Mraz singing with a fan? How rare is that? Luckily though (pun intended), I stumbled upon a video of his recent concert in Prague.

So, everyone, when Jason Mraz arrives here in Manila, please pray that he picks me from the 9th row—probably ’cause he’ll see my awesome self-made concert shirt. For now, I’ll be practicing Lucky…or maybe I should practice All I Want for Christmas is Us in case he asks me what song I want to sing with him. Or maybe I can just ask him to sing I’ll Do Anything and After an Afternoon for me.

Ahh, maybe I should put on my adorbs straw hat so I that I’ll have something to trade with Jason Mraz for his fedora. What should I wear? Should I bring a camera with me when I go up the stage? Do I ask him to sign my forehead or something? Or maybe I should just play it cool ’cause that’s how Jason Mraz rolls.

Alas, a girl can dream again and again.


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