I Got Sunshine on a Rainy Day

I remember posting a quote on Facebook a year ago that goes something like this:

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.

This weekend, I have learned that you can enjoy both. You can dance in the rain and bring sunshine to the world—and enjoy both experiences :)

Saturday was about dancing in the rain. I was literally under the rain during the Ateneo Bonfire. I have always wished for a moment when I can stand under the rain without an umbrella and listen to my favorite OPM bands. With matching sway-sway, head-bopping, and fist-pumping pa. And yes, I got that! Singing along with Sponge Cola, Parokya ni Edgar feat. Rico Blanco while wearing a cute yet drenched outfit was fantastic. It felt PERFECT! Kulang na lang ng makakatabi sa ulan.

Yesterday’s outfit: ADMU shirt, denim shorts, my adorbs open-toed demi-oxfords, sling bag, random accessories

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Sunday was about bringing sunshine amidst the rain. I was tired and wasn’t in the mood when I woke up. I then realized that it was another day for corporate worship so I slipped into my new dress and rushed to church. We had a long overdue clan reunion afterwards and awww, how I missed my cousins! :) Didn’t get to stay for a long time ’cause I had to go to the Barangay Cluster. Had Hataw JCLAM practice at night and finally, here I am resting.

I hope I brought sunshine to the world today by being less cranky and more amiable and friendly :)

Today’s outfit: Thailand dress, Old Navy cardigan, sling bag, Parisian sandals

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