Some Kind of Wonderful: Cafe Review

Today, we decided to finally visit this hole-in-the-wall place in Marikina which has been getting good reviews. We took a mini adventure to the side of Concepcion Dos that we don’t really visit that much to try out the food from Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe.

Some Kind of Wonderful is a cafe inspired by one of the movies in my prized John Hughes DVD Box Set entitled Some Kind of Wonderful (obviously :p). Knowing that it’s a cafe inspired by the 80’s, I was honestly sort of expecting something that looks like this (plus points if you get the reference):

Of course, it doesn’t look anything like that ’cause it’s not yet 2015 (plus points again if you get the reference) but I almost peed myself (kidding…maybe) when I went inside. IT WAS 80’S HEAVEN!!

Obviously, the first thing I noticed is the Pretty in Pink wall!

Had to take a pic with it, of course.

There's a wall for 80's albums! Wish they had real vinyl!

AND OF COURSE, there's a John Hughes wall!!


Had to take a pic with this! :)

The place is very cozy and can only fit maybe 15 to 20 people.

Some Kind of Wonderful serves pasta, rice meals, pizza, burgers, milkshakes and cakes just like an 80’s diner but they have a Japanese menu as well :)

Didn't get to take a clear pic of the menu 'cause I didn't have my camera but this is so that you'd know the price range ;)

We were first served the Chocolate Milkshake (Php95) and oohhh. It was REALLY good. I felt like I was transported to the set of the movie Grease.

Yey Frosty Palace!


Enjoying it too much.

Ate Bang’s order then arrived! She got Barbecued Spareribs (Php140), which I didn’t get to taste. Nahiya naman ako kasi birthday treat ‘yun sa kanya :p But I bet it tastes good. She finished the entire meal (it’s served with potato salad) and I promise to try it next time!

Nomnomnom! Serving size is not THAT big though.

My order then arrived! Hurraaaaahhh!! Let me just say this about my Cheeseburger (Php140): it’s PERFECT. I think I have found my best burger in town a la How I Met Your Mother. It was very tasty, the meat was easy to eat, and the buns were wheat buns! If you’ll eat only one thing from SKOW, let it be the cheeseburger!

The Best Burger...ever.

Muning’s order then arrived. She surprisingly got the Chicken and Pesto Pasta (Php140?) for herself. I tasted it and I like how it doesn’t make you feel suya after 10 bites.


Mami got the Philly Cheesesteak Burger (Php140?) which she had wrapped for take out. She ate it after an hour at home and didn’t really like it that much because the cheese was too sour-cheesy and the bun was already hard to bite. It probably would have been yummier if she ate it at the cafe.

Hello Japan flag!

I also got an order of Spicy Buffalo Wings with Veggie Sticks (Php135) which I didn’t really enjoy that much :( The marinate used could be made tastier and the dressing/sauce thing had NO TASTE at all :( Huhu.


Lastly, for take out, we got a slice of Blueberry Cheesecake (Php85). The cheesecake part was delicious but the blueberries had a different kick.


Will I come back to Some Kind of Wonderful even with the number of sad faces in this post? Of course. I’ll probably go back to try the other stuff they have in the menu and to bring a decent camera and enjoy being transported to my most favorite decade of all time—though they could probably improve it a bit by changing the tables and chairs.


Some Kind of Wonderful Cafe

11 Birch Rd. cor. Rainbow St., Hacienda Heights, Concepcion Dos
(Right across St. Paul Parish, if you’re commuting, take the SSS jeep and ask Manong Driver to let you off near Saint Paul)
Marikina City, Metro Manila
(02) 409-1242 / 09282714998
OPEN everyday EXCEPT Tuesdays FROM 12nn to 10pm

info from the most awesome Marikina food blog


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