Multiply Shopping Party!

Ever since I discovered the easy way of shopping via Multiply Marketplace, I’ve been hooked. Online shopping via Multiply is fast, easy, and very reliable, and there’s just no way that I could stop! I log in on Multiply everyday to check on the newest shoes that I try to stop myself from buying. I am not a compulsive shopper anymore but I still fall for the lure every once in a while :)

Imagine my joy when Multiply introduced the BEST Multiply shopping experience yet! I logged in and was amazed with how the over-all aesthetics of the site made everything look more neat and professional-looking!

Being the Internet freak that I am, I found out via different channels about the Multiply Shopping Party 2011 event. I knew that I just had to go, especially when they presented the 5 reasons why we should score invites for the event:

1) Music from DJ Mars Miranda and Techy Romantics. Oh, you know how much I love Techy Romantics. I once had a Google+ Hangout with college friends just to watch each other listen to their songs. So hipster! I’m even part of The Techy Team. Hahaha! Roadie much?

2) Food. I love food. Don’t you?

3) The presence of lots of shopaholic celebrities and bloggers. I like quite a lot of bloggers and I honestly want to be like them someday—you know, get invited to events like this so that I don’t have to join ALL forms of contests just to score invites. Not that I’m complaining though (heheee, thanks Ms Pia M). It’s just that…I love events! I love attending them and I love planning them!

4) Surprises and freebies. Enough said.

5) Shop from fabulous Merchant Shops right there at the party. I have told you about how I’ve been into shopping lately, right?

So there, I joined this Twitter contest by Ms Pia M (among other contests) to score some invites for the Multiply Shopping Party. I really wanted to go! There was no reason not to! Thank God I won! (I’ve been on a winning streak recently—separate story on that.)

So, I will you guys next week and I’ll do my best to share with you the awesomeness that shall happen during the Multiply Shopping Party!


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