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I like watching movies both in theaters and on my laptop. Theater-watching, for me, is reserved for movies that provide an “escape from reality” (e.g. Avatar, Transformers), movies that require thinking (e.g. The Prestige—which I TOTALLY loved, Ang Babae sa Septic Tank), and Pinoy romantic movies—especially if they feature John Lloyd, Aga, Sam Milby, Piolo, Juday+Ryan, Richard Gutierrez, KC or Kim Chiu.

Watching on my laptop, on the other hand, is reserved for Hollywood rom-coms (e.g. Valentine’s Day, 50 First Dates), old movies that I randomly want to watch (e.g. Clueless, Back to the Future), and Pinoy romantic movies that feature John Lloyd, Aga, Sam Milby, Piolo, Juday+Ryan, Richard Gutierrez, KC or Kim Chiu which I can relate to (e.g. Pa’no Na Kaya, Close to You).

Thing is, I don’t watch movies on my laptop with other people. On the other hand, I’ve never tried watching a movie in the theaters alone. I have realized recently though that I’d probably end up not having a movie buddy soon. With that, I’ll share with you some tips if you do want to end up NOT having anyone to watch movies in theaters with.

1) Always be on commentary mode.

Noticing something in scene, sharing a thought about something that could’ve been done instead of what happened, and sharing some background trivia on the movie or the characters WHILE watching a movie will definitely work. You can also time your comments whenever there’s something important going on in the movie or when the dialogue seems to be important—e.g. when Optimus is already bidding his final farewell to Sam.

2) Munch noisily.

The most effective way to achieve what you want to achieve is to bring a huge bucket of popcorn to the theaters and much on them with utmost noise. You can also go rip that long strip of Nips with no finesse at all.  You may bid your movie pals goodbye after this.

3) Explain to everyone the status of your emotions.

You definitely would be watching movies alone for a long time if you let your companions know that your heart is pounding fast because of the action scene, that you are scared of being surprised by a scene, that you dislike that romantic scene because you can attest that it wouldn’t be possible in real life, or that you can’t breathe because the Autobots are about to be exiled from Planet Earth.

4) Spoil the movie.

Nobody wants to be spoiled especially if we’re paying for a movie ticket. Talking about how Sentinel will die in the end is not good—which is why it’s perfect if you never want to watch a movie with people again.


On another note, I’m still an awesome movie buddy, I promise! I’ll be awesome-r though if the tickets and snacks will be paid for.


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