Multiply Shopping Party

It’s been such a loooong loooong time since I went out with friends not to eat/watch a movie. Thanks to Ms. Pia Magalona, Aisa, and Marj, I was able to attend the Multiply Shopping Party at White Space, Pasong Tamo. The event showcased good music, good food, awesome people, and how Multiply has ultimately transformed how people shop—especially in the Philippines! I bet we can be the Online Shopping Capital of the world! ;)

White Space is so cool!

I went with Vanessa and Camille, two good friends from high school. Thank God they were free that night, else, I wouldn’t be able to go. (We were also eventually joined by Andre and I finally was able to meet Nina!)

Camcam, Essa and me

When we got to White Space, Techy Romantics was about to play! It was one of the things I was excited about because I’m a big fan! It was my first time to see them perform live and wow, they were REALLY good! Camyl is so gorgeous!

Trying to take a pic with them :p

There were a lot of items on display inside the venue. They were all so gorgeous and it’s such a treat that I could purchase them quickly online—when I get my sweldo next month.

The food c/o Bizu Patisserie was very convenient to eat and was very filling! They taste great too! I kept coming back for servings of the creme brulee ;) The servers were also very friendly and helpful. No wonder that Bizu is always present in most of the events I hear of!

There was also a fashion show that featured items that are sold on Multiply. (I saw Ate Jen Barrientos there!) Now, who says that you can only get gorgeous products in high-end physical stores? ;)

The program came to a close with final words from the amazing host, Bianca Valerio. She was very perky and quirky! I love her!

Interestingly, during the latter part of the night, we had a chance to meet some bloggers. They were all so nice and fashown! I like!

Awkward face with Laureen Uy

Another awkward face with Lissa Kahayon

With Bianca Valerio!

Yet another awkward face of mine with Vern Enciso, currently my fave blogger

There were also some musicians around and of course, we had to have our pictures taken with them.

Champ Lui-Pio

Jugs—who I small-talked with about the Ateneo bonfire

We spent our last minutes in the party dropping by the photobooth and watching Andre pose for Nina! Hilarity definitely ensued!

(photo below from Nina)

We also got some loot bags! Oh, you know how much I love freebies!

I had a great time during the Multiply Shopping Party! Hope to attend more events like this soon! :)


Outfit of the Day (sorry for the awkward face):

White top from my mother’s closet, F21 leather skirt, my favorite leather studded bag, bangles from a department store, Parisian patent heels, and my DIY necklace!

 (almost all pics are from Essa; thanks dear!)


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