Boracay: Day 1

Five months ago, my former teammates and I bought Groupon tickets for a 3 days & 2 nights stay in Boracay. We finally got to use them today! :)

We were split into two batches for the flight to Caticlan. Diane, Hans, Mark, Ten, Kevin and JR were on the first batch while Tine, Rhea, Joseph, JC, Mheck and I were on the second. We got to hitch with my Tito Doy (who works in Lufthansa) on the way to NAIA-3 where we were to ride our Cebu Pacific plane to Caticlan.

The long queue @ Terminal 3

The plane ride was quick—mainly because the boys played Tong-Its and I slept after watching Mheck kick JC and Joseph’s asses.

All Ready!

Channeling JMraz

Batch 2!

Here’s the thing, I did NOT expect that going to Boracay proper would take so much effort. Hahaha! Upon our Caticlan touchdown, we were fetched by a mini-bus to go to the Caticlan Jetty Port. We had to ride a boat to get to Boracay. Upon reaching Boracay Island, we had to ride another van to get to our Station 1 hotel. It took us maybe 3 to 4 hours to actually settle. Note to self: Leave at an earlier time next time.

Caticlan Airport

The boys on the bus to the port!

Boat ride from Jetty Port!

Wow HP Logo!

Upon arrival, we checked in our rooms (hello roomies, Rhea and Tine!) at Patio Pacific, which is a VERY nice place that I truly recommend to anyone else who’d like to go to Boracay.

Patio Pacific! pic c/o Hans

We had to grab lunch quickly because we were starving! We ate at the hotel restaurant and boy were we full because of the huge servings. The food was very tasty too, especially the brilliant banana fritters with butterscotch sauce, which I will try to replicate soon.


Horribly filtered shot, awesomely delicious food!

Best dessert/snack ever!

After that, it was time to walk around the beach! Grabe, the only thing I can say is THANK YOU, LORD. He’s so awesome for making an awesome place like Boracay! I could lay on the beach and just breathe everything in for the entire day if I only had time to spare. Sobrang ganda talaga! :)


Jump shot nalang since wala pang maisip gawin :p (pic c/o Hans)

We didn’t have an itinerary (mainly ’cause I was busy with work, sorry ‘di nakapag-plan!) so we accommodated a tour coordinator kuya who offered us helmet diving for Php300. We had nothing to do and sayang naman kasi hapon na so we decided to go for it!

Hi Kuya Albert! (photo c/o Hans)

We took a motorboat ride to the steeper part of the beach and were oriented in this kawayan cottage floating over water. I was initially scared, especially when I learned that the pressure below was gonna be very high (duh, Meki) and that the helmet we were gonna wear weighed 20+ kilos. I tried to make escape plans in my mind then realized that the first thing I said I shouldn’t do in Boracay is to worry.

Group pic! Halata ba na we're nervous?

I was part of the first batch to helmet dive and whoa, it was another awesome experience. Feel ko ‘di na ako matatakot malunod—that is, if naka-goggles ako. Hahaha! The scuba divers took pictures and videos of us underwater while we played with the fishies. Good news: walang shark—kahit takot kami ni Mark Frond about that.

I wore the astro head kaya distorted :p

On the way back to the shore, naka-pro moves kami. Saktong sunset! Originally, we were planning to go sailing just to be able to watch the sunset while on the waters. We got to do that during the boat ride home. The sunset was really beautiful. Other than the initial moments when I tried to take good pics of the sunset, I was quiet majority of the ride. I couldn’t believe I was witnessing something THAT beautiful.

<Pics from Diane to follow ;) Wait for it! :) >

And yes, my Facebook post is for real. I really stared at the sunset and realized my life-changing realization:

In fairness to me, hindi naman ‘yan emo. It was actually a very refreshing thought. The entire trip to me revolved around that—acknowledging that things do come to an end, making sure that the way they end is beautiful, and making the next day even more exciting. Parang Barney Stinson lang.

Upon reaching the shore, here comes my most exciting (/sarcasm) Boracay experience. Nawala kami ni Tine. Hahahaha! We didn’t have our phones with us, of course. We were only armed with Diane’s underwater camera. We spent maybe 10 to 15 minutes walking to the tip of Station 1 and to Station 2 to look for our friends. Medyo mahirap siya kasi pa-gabi na so we really couldn’t see! Kamusta pa na hindi rin namin maalala how to go back to the hotel. Thank God Diane found us!

Ganito na ka-gabi nun. (photo c/o Hans)

The earlier part of the night was spent for moonbathing. It was fun to just lay down and take everything in! Alam kong awestruck na ako kapag ‘di na ako nagsasalita eh.

Posting this kahit katawa my fez. Sobrang sarap mag-moonbathe eh.

We went back to the hotel to dress up and ligo, then we headed to D’Mall for dinner.

Ako na ang artsy!

Medyo lowbatt na lahat except for Kebs and me! Hahaha! Get Psyched Mix.

Hyper much!

We went for Aria, which is the most highly recommended restaurant in the island. Mark, JR, Joseph, JC and I shared 3 pasta dishes and the meter-long pizza. I do understand why the place is highly recommended. For me, the price is good since the food tasted like authentic Italian food—as in the ones I used to eat in Italy.


Staple pasta order

Group @ Aria

We walked a LOOOONG walk sa Station 1 after the dinner. It was tiring but I chose to focus on the positives. Grabe, sobrang ganda ng sky. The stars were abounding!  I wanted to bring them all back to Manila!

<More pics from Kebs to follow!>

Spotted some fire people! :p

Since most were tired after that epic trudge, only a few of us were left for some socials that night inside Hans’ room. JC, Joseph, Mark, Hans, JR and I played a few good rounds of Heart Attack—the consequence for the loser was EPIC!! I wish I can tell but what happens in Bora, stays in Bora [except for some sharing among the non-Boracay-going teammates]. We played a very dramatic Spin the Bottle and I learned some nice things about the boys. Highlight of the night: Nalaglag si Mheck sa kama.


All the pics from this post are taken either by me or by my ever-talented ex-TL Hans Mohan.




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