Boracay: Day 2

So, ang usapan ay 7 am kami gigising for breakfast ’cause we had to make the most out of our second day. Kamusta namang sobrang puyat the night before. I was woken up by loud knocking on my door. When I finally arose, my roommates were already gone. I rushed to the door and tadah, the boys (JC, Mheck and Joseph) were there to wake me up @ 9 am. I checked my phone and they apparently have been calling me since mga 8. The good news is: lahat kami kakagising lang.

We had breakfast at the hotel. Free and buffet! Reminded me about my Europe backpacker breakfasts. Super sulit! We promised to fill our tummies up so that we won’t get too hungry for the rest of the day.

The Breakfast of Champions!! MUESLI!!!! <3

After breakfast, we met up with Kuya Albert, our tour dude, to bargain with him for Island Hopping. We eventually agreed on a price and he left us to go to the market and buy food to cook for lunch. While waiting, we wanted to make the most of our spare time so we did quite a lot of things:

1) Take pictures of the place


2) Take pictures with the place

Awkward pose

3) Take jump shots!

4) Eat ice cream!


5) Play pick-and-split [totally my insane idea–talo naman ako lagi]

Rule: ‘Yung nanalo ‘yung papalitan. HWAHAHAHAHA!

First challenger: JC

Second challenger: JR


Meki struggles at first.

Meki fights back! JR struggles.

JR ultimately wins :(


JR has a good start.

Oh nooo.

Walang point. JR wins.


JR has a good start!!

Meki bumabawi!

JR bumawi rin!

We surrender to the flexible JR!

Anyway, Kuya Albert finally arrives and we were headed to our Island Hopping!! :)

Boat ride!

Our first destination was Canyon Cove! Woooooo!! Super ganda!!! :) Sarap mag-picture!

Cottages + View

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she lovely too? :o (photo c/o Hans)

After taking pics, we went to the 1st “underground” cove. Sobrang ganda! :) We were allowed to swim! The waves were lovely and haaay, the experience was fantastic! It was so funny too ’cause the kuya kept on taking photos. Parang photographer lang!

Going down! (photo c/o Frond)

The team! (photo c/o Hans)

Had to post this. Immortalize this moment! (photo c/o Hans)

I agree with Bro Kebs–swimming @ the first cove was definitely the most memorable moment of my entire Boracay trip. Natahimik na naman ako while we were there ’cause it was just a breathtaking view. I kept on whispering “Thank you, Lord!” ’cause I felt so grateful to be given the chance to experience this. Hay!

Me already! (photo c/o Hans)

After swimming, we had lunch—cooked by Kuya Albert and the other kuyas in Canyon Cove—in one of the cottages overlooking the waters. Daming pagkain!!! We had chicken, liempo, sinigang, shrimp, and fruits! Surprisingly, hindi pa nga namin naubos.


Nomnoms! (photo c/o Hans)

And boy, we weren’t done yet. After eating, we walked to Cove 2 for another quick swim! In fairness, medyo nakakatakot maglakad.

Scary ledges (photo c/o Hans)

We had to go through a cave—yes, syempre nauntog ako—and reached another great beach with bigger waves! Yahoooo! May random rope pa! It was so funny hanging on to the rope and offering JR Granzo to the waters.

Hanging by a Moment (photo c/o Hans)

Offering JR! (photo c/i Hans)

Nice Kebs! (photo c/o Hans)

We had to leave the place after just a few minutes since our 4-hour contract with Kuya Albert was about to end. We went back to the boat and headed to our last stop—the middle of the waters. Hahaha! We were set to go snorkeling!!

No photos of us in gear but here we are about to rush in!

Kamusta naman. I thought we were gonna die. May random poisonous snake that appeared while we were snorkeling. So syempre nagmadali kami lahat para umahon! Hahaha! Sobrang fun! The fishies were so so so cute! :)

Done snorkeling!! :)

It was a tiring but fun trip! In all due fairness, hindi na kami nawala ni Tine when we got back to the shore. Instead, we bought a frisbee, and headed to Jonah’s to try the BEST FRUITSHAKE EVER. Seryosong best fruitshake ever siya.

Jonah's is love.

Picture stolen from Kebs :p

We spent the late afternoon/early evening playing frisbee. I unfortunately do not have pictures but I can tell you that it’s a fun sport. Papayat ako ‘pag tinuloy-tuloy ko ‘yun. It was tiring and sobrang fail kami at first. Thanks to Diane’s beau for our lessons! :p

When I got finally got tired, I headed to the waters to swim and kwento-kwento with the rest of the folks. We talked about random things and mainly one important thing: sharks. Nung ‘yun na ‘yung topic, napaurong na kami palapit sa shore. We are sad to report that nobody will survive if a shark randomly appears in the waters of Boracay. Wala kang makakapitan kapag hinatak ka. Hahaha!

Random shape forming (photo c/o Hans)

Multi-pointed star! (photo c/o Hans)

Hindi pa kami napagod. We headed to the hotel pool for another swimming session! :) Pakaganda! We have LOTS of underwater pics which you will see on FB once Diane uploads them. Hahaha :p For now, this picture will suffice:

Merry-go-rounding (photo c/o Hans)

After our skins became prune-y already, we decided to wrap things up, take a bath, and meet up again for dinner. We ate at Gasthof, as suggested by the beaus, to try out their baby-back ribs! >:)

Gasthof! (photo c/o Hans)

Dinner! :) (photo c/o Hans)

Sobrang buhay-baboy lang. I ordered a full slab of ribs to share with Joseph, Beau Boy and Beau Girl. Joseph and I shared another order of Chicken BBQ (3-4 pieces). I realized one thing that night that I think I’ll remember each time I eat: Takaw-mata lang ako. I was full after 1 piece of Chicken BBQ. Buti masarap ‘yung ribs kaya I was able to finish my 2 shares.

Woohoo ribs!

After dinner, it was time for bonding! We stayed at the boys’ room and had some rounds of Baka La Baka. Since what happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay [exception: teammates who didn’t get to join us], I won’t spill what happened. To sum it all up, sobrang sakit ng lalamunan ko. My laughter wasn’t only the “hihihi” or “hehehe” kind. It really was “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” I love you, guys! Sobrang game lahat! I love it!

Baka La Baka Night!! (photo c/o Hans)

Final reminder of the night: ‘Wag piliin ang puwet ng baka.


All the pics from this post are taken either by me, or Mark frond or Kebs or by my ever-talented ex-TL Hans Mohan.



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