Boracay: Day 3

My trabaho was to wake everyone up since I was fortunately among the first wakers that morning. We headed for another round of our free breakfast buffet. I learned my lesson about being a glutton so I just got the right amount of food. Parang mas masarap ‘yung omelettes ngayon. /random

We were supposed to go for an ATV ride but we didn’t have anymore time to spare so we just decided to do some final lounging at the beach. Some didn’t join us anymore because of work issues.

I saw this random macho kuya on the shores using his surfboard to glide along the sand. Nainggit ako so I approached him to ask if it’s hard to learn what he’s doing. Charms worked so I had instant lessons! I sorta wish I had pictures because it felt so cool whenever I’d be successful but I am sorta happy as well that there aren’t any because I kept on falling. I’ll continue learning how to sandsurf (term invented by me) when I go back to the beach.

We just spent the rest of the morning taking underwater pictures and finally swimming in the beach as we were able to head to the deeper part of the waters. My only objective that morning was to finally get a tan so I decided not to use sunblock. Another lesson learned: hindi ako umiitim. Or more accurately, umiitim ako pero pumuputi rin ako agad the next hour. Since it was scorching hot that morning, we decided to go to Jonah’s for another serving of fruit shake. Never fails to deliver. Sarap.

After that, it was time to pack up and say goodbye to Boracay :( We did final preps and eventually had to check-out. Pansinin na wala na kami halos pictures this day. Hahaha! We headed to the D’Mall (accomplishment: I rode a trike alone in Boracay) to buy some souvenirs to take home to our peeps. I just bought a few keychains and ballers to give to my sisters.

When we got back to the hotel lobby to finally board the van, my goodness. Mommy Rhea’s luggage was missing! Long story short, it was mistakenly placed by the lobby dude along with the stuff of the earlier batch. Good thing we were able to claim it when we got to the Caticlan Jetty Port. Thanks for the quick action, Patio.

We had to ride a van to the port, where we had to ride a boat to the Jetty Port. We then had to ride a bus (with a tour guide speaking in a foreign language) for a long trip to the Kalibo airport.

Bye :(

When we got to the Kalibo airport, we had some spare time to eat and play cards. Expensive airport food is expensive. Hayayay!

Diane representing the girls while I was buying a magic wallet :)) (photo c/o Hans)

It was a quick ride home, probably because I was beating JC @ Power Pusoy. I was makulit when we were on the plane but deep inside, I was sad. I didn’t want the trip to end. But then, I realized my Day 1 realization on things HAVING to end. It was then that I acknowledged that the trip needed to end but I should be happy because it created a bond among all of us that no beautiful sunrise can ever beat.

Seated. (photo c/o Frond)


Good news: I woke up the next day and the sun DID rise. Genuine happiness.


All the pics from this post are taken either by me, or Mark frond or by my ever-talented ex-TL Hans Mohan.



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