Canvas Photography by Klaire Warren

[My apologies in advance for the quality of the pics. My camera was with my sister.]

During another day of Etsy surfing, I stumbled upon the photography site of Klaire Warren. Her store stood out for me because I’ve never heard of Canvas Photography in the past—and yes, that’s what she does! She takes great photos and gets them framed….ON CANVAS! Cool, right? I saw the photos in her site and was amused with the modern yet vintage-y feel of canvas art!

Here are some samples of what Klaire does from her site:

I just want to take them all home and have a wall full of these pieces of canvas art! :)

I was blessed that she was holding a raffle at that time. I WON just by commenting on her site which canvas art from her store I liked best. Of course, I had to pick this:

Click for the source

I didn’t win THAT piece though. Because I won first place, I got the option to send her a photo that I wanted to be framed on canvas. It was a very easy choice for me. I have always wanted to have a framed photo of the Eiffel Tower here at home because seeing it reminds me of my JTA experience. Klaire liked the photo that I sent her and promised to send my prize as soon as she can ;)

The wait for my prize was a little long as she was in the States and I am in the Philippines but Klaire was nothing but friendly and nice even through our emails. She constantly apologized for the delay of the shipping—which was not under her control since she gave me the tracking number in USPS and I saw that she indeed shipped the item early. Now, THAT is quality service.

One random day, I got a note that I had to claim a package in the post office and tadaaaaah, this arrived:

The Package!

I hurriedly open the package and see a photo that I do not remember ordering. Then, I realized that Klaire gave it for free! So nice :D

A free print!! :)

Underneath, there was this cute note from Klaire! :)

Aw! :)

Her note + some reminders

Then, finally, there it was!!! I wish I had a higher quality photo of this item because it looks REALLY great in person! The picture is high-res, the quality is great, the borders are lovingly hand-painted. I’m excited to post this on top of my desk! The size is just right at 8×10 :)


I checked underneath the frame and was surprised with another thing:

Another bonus canvas to come with the bonus print :p

Can you guess which canvas Klaire additionally got me? You guessed it right! She got me the Carousel Swings print on canvas!! I wanted to faint ’cause I really liked the colors of that photo which Klaire took, by the way!

Yey! :)

It came with a “Thank you” note which says: “Share me with your best friend.” With that, I’m thinking if I should do a giveaway to share this awesome blessing with everyone. Stay tuned for that!

Klaire, I’ve said it again and again but I’ll say it one more time: THANK YOU! :) I am really excited to hang these up and make these conversation pieces here at home.

Klaire Warren's brilliance :)

If anyone is interested in Canvas Photography—maybe to partner up, buy her lovely photos, or have your photos printed, do contact Klaire Warren via the following methods:


You can also visit her Etsy shop here!


One thought on “Canvas Photography by Klaire Warren

  1. Klaire Warren says:

    This post is so beautiful! Your words are so kind! I’m delighted! Thank you so much for this, it means more than you know! I absolutely loved this post! I can’t wait to link to it, and also can’t wait for my husband to get in so I can show him too! Your canvas came out beautiful, it was hard to say goodbye to little Eiffel tower – I’ve actually had random people vote on it in my last raffle! Stunning piece! Thank you and thank you again :) Happy Travels, Klaire Warren

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