Trick or Treat

I brought Joshee to the Trick or Treat event of our company! :) He was so cuuuute!! He was dressed up as a cowboy, and Muning came with us too as a cowgirl. Hehe ;)


When we go to the office and signed up, Josh got free food and some giveaways!

Sarap ng kain!

With my happy little camper!

We had to wait to be assigned to a group since there were a lot who arrived earlier.

Kumain agad ng candy!!

Shooting Muning who has scared of the gun, the balloons, and everything :p

Josh was able to get LOTS of candies and chocolates! I can only imagine the sugar rush he got upon going home!




Pagod na!

Josh made a new friend—Coach Mike!

Coach Mike is such a natural w/ kids!

Thanks to Ninang Muning for accompanying and taking care of Josh :)

With Muning


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