Studio METHOD(E) Contemporary Jewellery

Another package came for me in the post office! :) Joy!! :) I almost forgot that I was waiting for this but I recently won another blog giveaway c/o the Etsy Stalker. It’s a site where they feature arts and crafts from various Etsy shops. I enjoy browsing through their pages ’cause I do not only get to see things to buy but I also get ideas and inspiration to make my own crafts.

I love packages :)

The giveaway I won gave me a $60 gift certificate from Studio METHOD(E). Studio METHOD(E) makes pieces made from recuperated copper wire that has been powdercoated. The pieces are not only durable and sturdy—they are also made from 80% recycled materials!

You can customize the colors of the pieces that you want to get from them, which I find great since my regular concern with accessories is that the good designs come in a color that I’m not fond of wearing.

Not only that! You can also stack some pieces together to mix-and-match them based on your outfit. That will make each buy a real steal!

They make earrings:

Click image for source

Click image for source

Necklaces (which I totally want to buy if only I had extra money to spare):

Click image for source

And even rings :)

Click image for source

I was fortunate enough to get two items c/o my $60 GC (including shipping). I picked some items which I knew I could use regularly—meaning, of neutral colors.

All wrapped!

Here they are:

(1) Gray small circle post earrings

(2) Black post earrings

I’ll make sure to wear these babies out next time so that you can see them with an outfit. Thanks a lot for shipping these all the way from Canada, Studio METHOD(E)!


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