Midnight Snacking

I used to wonder how midnight snacking with office friends can be fun until I did it. Thanks to the workload for these past few days, Pan De Manila and 7-11 have been our best friends.

Here’s what I/we have been munching on past 12 o’clock. And yes, I do know that our bodies have a hard time to digest these food at night—meaning, there is a high risk of gaining weight.

  1. Pan de Manila big pandesal
  2. Pan de Manila pesto and cheese pandesal
  3. Rootbeer!
  4. Pan de Manila spanish sardines in corn oil
  5. Pan de Manila spanish sardines in tomato sauce(?)
  6. Nestle Heaven
  7. Nestle Kape ice cream
  8. Pan de Manila Tuna Spread (not my thing)
  9. Pan de Manila Ube Halaya

I feel so guilty just listing down those things. Nonetheless, my midnight snack daily spending is still way less than what I used to spend on milk tea. That’s still a good thing, right?

I learned an excellent way of maximizing my bread supply (I order 3 to 4 pieces) thanks to Kebs. Split the big pandesal into two and tadah! You have 2 small pandesals.

I also learned that one shouldn’t judge another person based on hearsays. Or basically, we shouldn’t judge people. Everyone has certain quirks and it’s the people who do not mind who matter.

Moral of the story: How I Met Your Mother was probably right when they said that nothing good happens after 2 am. But I can say that great things happen after 12 mn.


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