Wanted: Project Managers

After going home @ 5 am the day before, I rushed to take a shower, pack some things, and go back to the office to meet up with my team for our offsite.

We were headed to Tagaytay for a much-needed and well-deserved respite. I rode with Raffy, Mira and Kian on the way to Tagaytay and all I did was…SLEEP. Hahaha! Good thing I didn’t ride shotgun, else I would’ve been a sucky passenger.

We first had lunch at Bawai’s—a Vietnamese Kitchen in Tagaytay. It’s very hidden (3 of our cars got lost hehehee), but that’s great ’cause the ambiance is so peaceful and worry-free—a huge contradiction of our life at work. Hahaha!

Sorry for the fez. I was so puyat!

Being at Bawai’s was like visiting a friend’s home ’cause it literally looked like a home opened to the public.

Yes, that's Bawai's!

Inside, there was this huge mirror where I/we camwhored! Hahaha! Saya!

1/3 of the team

There was this LOOOOOOONG table that was set up for us ’cause sobrang dami na namin and almost everyone was there! We missed you three A’s: Aimee, Alda, and April!

Parang wedding :p

There were only 3 table set ups that were there when we visited: one for us, one for a couple, and one for 8 people. That should tell you how cozy and intimate the vibe is inside. I felt as if I was at home—if my house was that pretty.

Denise to Pope: "Don't leave us!"

The food was great but Mike and I think that you visit Bawai more for the ambiance than the food.


After our fulfilling lunch, we had an Amazing Race to Vic’s mansion at Pacific Heights. We had to buy 3 pieces of pineapple from a street vendor for Php90, take a group pic w/ the Taal Volcano at Starbucks, and buy some groceries. Long story short, we lost. Hahaha!

Pineapple vendor :D

Fail pic. Where's the Taal?


When we got to Vic’s, we had a quick coffee talk, some tributes for Pope and Rupert, and some games :) All I can say is that I love this team when we’re in the office ’cause they’re all supportive and I feel like I’m with a bunch of gifted people. But, I love them a whole lot more when we’re not in the office! :)

On that note, we need a LOT of project managers for the coming fiscal year! If you’re interested in joining HP and you want to pursue a project management career track, drop me a note! :) Join this amazing team!! :)


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