Signs that It’s Already Christmas

I love Christmas. I love it more than my birthday, more than Valentine’s day, and more than any other “season” of the year. The Christmas season is my ultimate GV season—to the point that no matter what horrible or sad thing happens during that time (e.g. my daddy passing away), I’m sure that I can still be happy.

There are many signs, for me, that indicate the beginning of the Christmas season. Here are some:

1) The most obvious sign: Christmas songs. This usually begins at 12:01 am of September 1, when all the radio station DJs decide to be mainstream and play Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas in Our Hearts or Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. This is also very apparent in supermarkets (especially Save More) and malls (especially SM malls).

2) Castanas (chestnuts) on our table and outside SM Marikina. My ultimate Christmas food is not lechon nor hamon nor queso de bola. Castanas for the win. The existence of this glorified kamote at home and outside SM Marikina makes me rejoice! Yes, to the point that I impulsively bought 1 kilo of castanas to eat on the way to work and to give to my office friends.

3) Random urge to listen to All I Want for Christmas is Us by Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman. This makes me imagine spending Christmas in Europe with a loved one and maybe sharing a quick hug while it’s freezing cold.

4) Starbucks’ red cups. Every year, I vow NOT to get a Starbucks planner but I always fail. This is the 5th year that I’ve been waiting for the red cups and praying that there will be Gingerbread Latte. Praline Mocha tastes like medicine. Peppermint Mocha tastes minty. Toffee Nut is too sweet. Anyway, I’ve recently learned that for Christmas 2011, the red cup trio will be Toffee Nut, Praline Mocha, and…Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha. Such sad news but I’m sure I’ll still be there @ Starbucks Katip when the red cups arrive on November 3.

5) Everyone wanting to have a reunion. I’m pretty sure I had more than 5 reunions in Christmas 2011. Speaking of which, this year, I need to make sure to have a Christmas get-together with the following: (1) Block, (2) STC, (3) CompSAt, (4) JTA, (5) Portal, (6) PM, (7) Family, (8) Youth, (9) “Childhoods”, (10) High school friends.

6) The perya and tiangge here in Marikina. I will never get tired of walking and walking to check out the tiangge stalls every Christmas. And the perya, oh love. I’m not sure if I can still ride the perya rides—because I used to do that 4 years ago—but for sure, I will never get tired of playing the piso games. It’s so much fun to waste coins when you know that you’re wasting it during Christmas :p


9 thoughts on “Signs that It’s Already Christmas

  1. Lloyd says:

    do you think perya in markina is already open? coz I really wanna try it. And can I ask the exact place of it or any near landmarks.

    • makemelodies says:

      Hi Lloyd, yes it’s already open! :) You can actually visit 2 peryas.

      The first one is @ Riverbanks Mall. In the street between the mall and the actual river, you will see a huge space which has plenty of tiangge stalls. Behind those stalls, you will see the perya. It’s above the Riverbanks ampitheater (you can ask around for this) and right beside Ice Cream House.

      The second one is @ JP Rizal. Coming from Katipunan/Cubao, just go straight until you reach the Marikina bridge. Immediately turn left upon reaching the end of the bridge. Just go straight and you’ll see the perya on your left across a prominent bibingka stall.

      Hope this helps!

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